New Chinatown Photoshoot!

gloomth lolita clothing

In July we had a very unusual photoshoot! It wasn’t the concept that was unusual but how the entire day played out that was peculiar. We set out with Rune Photography and model Vamp to shoot a casual shopping-day sort of series in Chinatown! The colorful signs and markets in the area made a great busy-day backdrop.

gloomth clothing lolita egl

When we arrived in the area we saw the street was closed off due to a fire and were  concerned we wouldn’t be allowed to wander around, let alone take photos. Holding our breath, hoping we wouldn’t have to find another location to shoot we parked and walked over to the area. It turned out that the street was only closed to road traffic and remained open to pedestrians! It was perfect, rather like having the entire street to ourselves, as if we’d planned it purposely! We took middle-of-the-street pictures and walked around the near empty sidewalks snapping and exploring.

gloomth lovina loli egl

Because the sidewalks were so uncrowded, most people likely avoided the area thinking it was closed, we were able to see things we normally wouldn’t. We found a ruined car parked in an alley surrounded by towering weeds, an open garage with a cushion-less couch propped up inside, and all kinds of odd spaces (including the run-down porch of a house).

gloomth gothic lolita egl gothloli

Vamp even got to make a new “friend”, an old man sat on his porch and kept yelling “YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL” at her as she modeled. Being a total pro it didn’t phase her one bit. 😉

We even got to shoot inside of a fruit and vegetable market, with the shopkeepers onlooking and smiling. It was a magical and very fun day and the resulting photos are stunning! 😀

Vamp looks awesome in our “Carmilla” dress with it’s velvet bodice!

Check out the whole series in our facebook!


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