T-Shirt Input!

I know we’ve talked briefly about this before but now it’s becoming more likely that we will go ahead with offering our own t-shirt designs! When we first started Gloomth we did offer t-shirts, they were made in our studio and we were limited by what we could offer as far as shirt styles. Since then some new options for this have emerged and it now it may be much more easy/fun to do!

In the Attic

We’ve examined all sorts of different routes for providing cool and unique t-shirts embodying the Gloomth spirit! We considered selling them through a third party printing service, which with further examination and testing seemed an easy way to get junk quality printing and have zero control over any of the customer service or experience. We considered screen printing pre-manufactured shirts ourselves, but the process is messy and we weren’t super excited by any of the blank wholesale t-shirt styles we saw.

Cherry Blossoms

So! If this happens we will be manufacturing our own unique tshirt style and also having them printed professionally! We would have our own proprietary t-shirt shape, it would essentially be a collared cutsew with a cute print of ours on the front. That way it can be worn under our dresses as a layering piece! Stretchy cotton jersey with a colored original graphic on the front. We’d be producing the shirts in limited runs and they would be made and kept in stock- no waiting for production- so they’d make clever gifts and easy options for those looking for a touch of our signature peculiar edge!

Gloomth's Haunted Circus

However this undertaking is fairly major on a few fronts so I want to get your opinions before we launch at it completely. We would be offering a pre-sale discount for the shirts but the pricing would be between $55-65 after that (which yes, is a lot for a tshirt but remember these will be more a comfy blouse than a regular lame t-shirt). We’d be offering sizes from XS to XXL.

Please let us know what you think by filling out the anonymous survey below! We try to always take your suggestions and input before approaching new projects around here. 🙂

Thank you for your help!


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