Weekly Personal Update

Every Friday I post personal photos and updates from my existence beyond the Cult of Melancholy. Snapshots from my week, things that are presently inspiring me, and updates on my side projects (like the Harajuku Tarot Deck). πŸ™‚

Here are some quick photos I snapped while having a lunchtime picnic in a lovely graveyard in Toronto.

chipmunk eating chips

We met a chipmunk who hunched down about 2 feet from us to devour several potato chips! Apparently chipmunks like junk food too! I always knew chipmunks were wise. πŸ˜‰


We could have reached out and grabbed him, he was so close. Instead we just sat there not breathing and trying desperately not to squeal about how cute he was! Aww.


An exquisite flowering tree I saw during my graveyard wander.


More tombstones and plants. These are some decidedly un-spooky graveyard photos….



The gates of the cemetery are very beautiful and ornate. Just beyond them the city swells back into it’s downtown noise. There’s a lovely sort of magic to being within the cemetery, the silence paired with the tended grounds and charming wildlife make it this perfect escape from the urban.

atualfo mangos

I live in Little India and it seems every shop is selling cases of ataulfo mangos. Upon purchasing this enormous box I thought “how will I ever use all of these!?” and now it’s more “must buy a second box”. Straight from the fridge these are absolutely the most perfect summer food.


I spent most of the last week sick. I even spent a day in bed with a fever (which was zero fun), so I really haven’t dressed up or looked at all tidy in what feels like ages. I promise to get some outfit photos and that sort of thing soon! πŸ™‚

Have a great long weekend everyone!


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