Winner of the Giveaway!

Dark Forest Fawn
Thank you to everyone who entered our little First Day of Summer Giveaway! It was wonderful reading what people love about this lush season. We here at the ‘Cult are looking forward to warmer weather for outdoor photoshoots and summer dresses!

The winner of the giveaway is: Mon Capitan (if you are this individual please email us at so we can get your code to you!)

Their entry:

“Summer means cheap fake flower crowns because you can’t bear to pull the real flowers from the earth, and running barefoot along the sidewalk, because the ground’s too hot to merely walk. Summer means day after day of lying languid in the front garden, uncaring if bugs crawl into your hair. It means bees flying into your room and you just watch as they dance above you because you’re too lazy, languid, lethargic, to let them out until evening. Summer means nights too humid to do anything other than toss and turn, breathing in stagnant air, and then finally sleeping with the window flung wide open – only to find birds throughout the house when you awake.
Summer means life, even when annoying, and heat, even when stifling.”


Dark Forest Fawn
Thank you again for entering, we’ll have more contests and draws very soon. 🙂


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