First Day of Summer Giveaway!


Today is the First Day of Summer! Instead of a wholly Personal Photo Post Friday I am going to share some photos from a recent visit out to my parents’ home and something else! 😀

white iris flower
Flowers in my dad’s gardens.

Summer is a season many of us frillier or black-wearing sorts don’t really enjoy- humidity and heat don’t mix well with elaborate outfits. That being said, most everyone has something that they love about the season.


Summer to me means visiting my parents’ out on the St.Lawrence river. I spent my summers at our cottage there growing up, and now they have built a house on the land and live there year round. It’s a stunning area- the river is constantly changing and mesmerizing, and the woods and bay they live on are quite beautiful, not to mention the gardens. 🙂

st.lawrence river
The view from my parents’ dock.
Daisies are the most iconic “summer” flower to me.

Summer means time in the water (I am a huge fish nerd and love snorkelling). It means laying on the dock my father and I built one summer when I was 10. It’s watermelon eaten on the porch, the gardens in bloom, and stolen days of happy laziness.

freckled redhead on dock
No sunbathing for this freckled ginger! It’s much nicer to lay on the dock at dusk anyhow. 🙂

lily pads

To celebrate the first day of this new season we’re throwing a little giveaway today! Comment on this entry and let us know what summer means to you- 1 or 2 sentences on what you romanticize or love about the season! We’ll pick our favourite submission and the winner will get a $40 gift certificate towards anything in our catalogue (not including shipping). Please include your email in the contact for your entry so we can send your certificate code to you instantly! 1 entry per person, per email address only.


Winner will be announced Monday, June 24th here in the Gloomthzine. 🙂

Good Luck!


24 thoughts on “First Day of Summer Giveaway!

  1. Summer to me means mornings at the creek berry picking, afternoons reading (or writing) a fantastical book and on those warm summer nights, stargazing with friends in the backyard while the summer moon watches from above lighting our simplistic soiree. It also means being grateful for all that is around you.

  2. Summer is the time when I can take a late night walk to the glow of the halogen lamps in my back alleys, then find a hidden tree bedecked with tiny fireflies that pulse quietly, tiny green specks against the navy of the sky and darkness of the branches.

  3. Summer for me means going swimming at the local beach, beautiful moonlit walks, and fresh vegetables from my garden. Bliss!

  4. Summer means short days and not long enough nights. Walking around during dusk when the heat is almost gone and the cool of the night sets in. It means fireworks and food, and being reunited with old friends and finding new ones, even if its just for these months. Summer means lazy days with lots of play or sewing seeds for the future harvest (fall). Summer means a lot to me it’s always fun and exciting. Even though I’m older an the bonus of a three month vacation is gone,I still get really excited when it comes even as I get older.


    Summer means barefooted strolls through the yard to the garden.
    Summer means chasing my wayward cat through the grass as she attempts to escape her harness.
    Summer means warm sticky nights under the streetlamps and frantic searching moths.
    Summer means sheer fabrics and billowy skirts – perfect for nighttime beach lounging.
    Summer means raw veggies and fruit smoothies – instant health boost.
    Summer means wild thunderstorms and classic novels…”He’s alive!”
    Summer is magic, a time of the fae, a time to reconnect with the very earth.

  6. Rushing to close all the windows when a thunderstorm rolls in so the rain doesn’t get in the house, and the lone candle flame after the power inevitably goes out. Reading a book in the grass and an ant tickles your leg. Carefree drives with the windows rolled down playing music irresponsibly loud with my best friends. That’s what summer has always meant to me.

  7. Summer means running to meet the storm and dance in the rain; strangely, the intense heat and dryness also invite contemplation of death and otherness. Summer is beautiful because of both of these extremes.

  8. Summer is wishing your makeup didn’t melt in the sun, reading all the books you bought throughout the year but couldn’t read, gazing at stars and fireworks, touching your toes into warm sand and [still] cold water, and seeing the people who mean most to you through it.

  9. Summer for me always meant sweet stolen time with friends, sitting on a back porch and looking up and marveling at the summer night sky. It was treks through places where we weren’t supposed to go and that delicious guilty triumphant feeling on getting home again.
    I’m across the country from them now but summer still makes my heart quicken and think of all the adventures to be had.

  10. Summer means memories and childhood that’s the best to reminesce and indulge in, even as you get older. I vividly remember sucking the nectar out of honeysuckle plants, catching fireflies in jars, laying out in the cool, dewy grass and looking at the stars, and wondering about the next school year and growing up. Writing letters to my future self and living in a dreamlike paradise.

  11. Summer means cheap fake flower crowns because you can’t bear to pull the real flowers from the earth, and running barefoot along the sidewalk, because the ground’s too hot to merely walk. Summer means day after day of lying languid in the front garden, uncaring if bugs crawl into your hair. It means bees flying into your room and you just watch as they dance above you because you’re too lazy, languid, lethargic, to let them out until evening. Summer means nights too humid to do anything other than toss and turn, breathing in stagnant air, and then finally sleeping with the window flung wide open – only to find birds throughout the house when you awake.
    Summer means life, even when annoying, and heat, even when stifling.

  12. Summer is honeysuckles, swimming in the river, sleeping under the stars. Catching and realising fireflies, climbing trees, making daisy chains and writing poetry. And today is midsummer, so today summer is wearing flower crowns and dancing around a maypole ❤

  13. It’s the time wear elegant summer hats, and sunscreen, or using your parasol. A time to catch up with friends and family by getting together for late lunches outside, or on weekend BBQs. Lazy afternoons and pleasant long walks in gardens 🙂

  14. ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ♡!
    Summer means wearing solid gloves rather than lace gloves while driving so the sun doesn’t give me a rash on my hands. Summer means using a parasol walking from my car to the drug store to get some cosmetics. Summer means having a matching lace fan for each outfit coordination. Summer means looking at my pocket mirror constantly to see how my make up is melting off. Summer means don’t forget to leave your rain boots in the trunk of the car for those random Florida rain showers. Summer means I get to see friends I haven’t seen since….last summer. Summer means working more hours to pay for a slight compulsive shopping disorder. Summer means IT’S TIME FOR TEA with ice cubes.

  15. Hot summer nights. As soon as you say the words, people know exactly the feeling. Nights when it’s so warm you don’t even need the lightest of sweaters, when you don’t feel sleepy at all, when something calls you to go outside. It’s the feeling that makes you little braver, a little bolder.

  16. Summer means warm night’s with the sent of sweet honeysuckle, the buzzing of cicadas as they crawl out of the ground, and the glow of fireflies twinkling in the country’s trees.

  17. Summer means the Midnight Sun lights the nighttime picknicks at the cemetary.
    Summer means getting out your rice-paper parasols, lacey fans and bat-shaped sunglasses.
    Summer means black skies and thunderstorms and gothic novels with a teacup at the steep rocks by the sea, wild roses burning in the sun and the smell of thyme on the meadows.

  18. …. to me it is wasting the day inside with my nose in a book , till the cooler evening comes, i can venture out and sit in the fields behind the house to finish of the book i started that morning, butter cup pollen sticks to my boots on the walk home, Birthday trips to the sea side where i taste the salt in my hair on the drive home… wishing it was cardigan weather because everything looks better with one of your granny’s cardigans over the top of it.

  19. The earth had its raucous party when spring came through, and now Nature’s content to laze the days away without a bit of concern about the tomorrows to come. Plenty of time to worry about autumn when it gets here; this is about slow golden sunshine and elegantly dancing fireflies.

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