Personal Friday! :)

Friday again, sheesh. I feel as though I’ve been doing nothing of interest lately- definitely nothing worth taking photos of. Lots of trying to catch up on sleep in between working on new photos and planning for new photoshoots. I am in need of some concentrated down time, as it’s been such a hectic spring (yes, I love being busy but it does catch up to me physically). 🙂


I was excited about my big hair and newly altered dress but neither photographed very well. I assure you my drunk-face in this photo is purely coincidental…. 😉 I have been going through my closet and either editing things I never wear anymore or getting rid of them. This dress was one I had made for one of my Halloween costumes (it had a big tooth on it) and I painted over the tooth and then added a vintage lace applique! It’s much better now and perfect for hot summer days.


Goblin cat does not wish to be photographed. She does not approve of bathroom self-photos. 😛

harajuku tarot deck

More work-in-progress photos from my side project. I can’t wait to share that with you! At this point we just need to finish prepping the website for it and we’ll have it public soon! I’m sure we’ll even have a contest/giveaway for the launch. 😀


I ordered frilly socks on ebay and the only good thing about them was the weird pink haired anime girl on the label. “World’s first liner sock and outer sock”. More like world’s crappiest fall-apart-upon-removing-from-package sock. Suuuuuch sock disappointment. 😦


The Puffy Kitty and I are practicing our sad-pouting-stares. 😉 Rather interested in sloppy versions of 1960s hair styles right now, which I suppose works well with my panoply of vintage peignoirs/nighties.

I’m sorry I don’t have much else to report this week! Next Friday I’ll endeavor to be a more subject for the blog. 🙂


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