Mori Lace Photoshoot!

Earlier in May we had an adventure photoshoot-ing! The talented Alexandra Moore at Electric Heart ( and lovely model Lily (MM) and I set off into the forest to create a mori-girl inspired photo series.

mori girl

Perhaps cursed by angry forest spirits, or vengeful woodland pixies trying to bully us out of their woods the weather was not on our side! It rained, it blew, it HAILED! Yes, hailed. Not for prolonged periods, but enough that the falling tiny pellets of hail are visible in some of these photos. Which gives them a magical and unearthly quality.

mori girl morigirl

Brave Lily came alive in mori girl inspired fashion! Dancing and twirling despite the grumpy weather! Swathed in vintage sweaters and scarves, with our “Shalott” nightdress worn over an antique cotton slip of my great grandmother’s!

mori girl fashion morigirl

These photos are really stunning so please check out the full set in our facebook! Be sure to comment and let us know which ones you like best!!!

Much thanks to Alexandra and Lily for suffering the wild weather for this beautiful shoot. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mori Lace Photoshoot!

  1. This is beyond perfect. I want to be in the world you created with this shoot. Even if it does have hail in it.
    I love. ^.^

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