This Week’s Personal Post!

It’s Friday, and time for another instalment of my Friday Personal Updates. Today I am also filling out a silly “meme” that’s been going around tumblr and all over lately- the Ten Facts About You one. 🙂

I had a chance to go to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto recently. It was my first time visiting after they unveiled the (really ugly and tumescent) new architectural (eyesore) piece on the front of it (sorry, I should not gripe about someone else’s art). It was lovely walking the quieter parts of the museum and seeing the changes to the layouts and displays, as I have not been there in many years. I am a nut for museums! 🙂

Here are some snaps from my visit!

dead birdsDEAD BIRDS! Every time I go to the ROM I get so excited about these drawers full of nicely laid out assorted dead birds. It’s just so incongruous to me. Look at them all lined up where you’d expect to find silverware.

specimens at royal ontario museum

An enormous set of shelves filled with all manner of specimens. Clearly my visit’s theme was Dead Things.

IMGP1592Lack of sleep face! Holy puffiness, Batman! *complain complain*


I’ve been slowly going through my closet and either getting rid of things I dislike or don’t wear- or editing them into something I would! 🙂 The dress above is actually one of my Halloween dresses from this past year, I am attaching a vintage applique to it.


I did take a break from repairing/altering things to replace my favorite skull printed tights. I’ve had the same pair for about 10 years and am forever repairing them. I am, unfortunately, a tights-as-pants person. Though I mostly wear them under various vintage nightgowns or big tshirts, so I tell myself that is “less bad”.

flower eyepatch and bunnyears

Working on accessories for our shoot tomorrow!!!!!! I do love eyepatches. Resurrecting these floral bunnyears because they weren’t very well used in the shoot they were originally made for. 😀

10 Facts Meme!

1. I have three tiny moles on my right arm right before my elbow that line up tidily like an unnamed constellation. I’m pretty sure this means I am magic.

2. I read voraciously but rarely buy books right now. Most of my reading comes from my avid-reader friends and mother, I never seem to get through their suggestions in order to find my own books. I do not even have a library card presently…I guess this makes me some sort of book hobo?

3. I have two tattoos. One of which fills the majority of my spine/back. Both are from books. Yes, I want more tattoos.

4. I collect Victorian mourning ephemera, primarily textiles and jewelry. My collection has even appeared in a real museum!

5. I love fish! (Not to eat). I am an enormous fish nerd, I am especially fascinated by deep sea species or rare fishes we hardly ever see alive.

6. I do not own a television. I actually dislike television 95% of the time.

7. People seem really poor at guessing my age so I just don’t tell people how old I am anymore.  I don’t really care about age, but it’s amusing to let people just go with their assumptions about me.

8. One time I designed an outfit for a doll for the Ashton Drake company! Delilah Noir. The experience was a total disaster even if the end result turned out quite cute.

9. I am a terrible bowler.

10. I have a framed and mounted piece of seaweed hanging on my living room wall.

4 thoughts on “This Week’s Personal Post!

  1. I think this might be my favourite puff post thus far! ^^ So many fun things. I look forward to these every week. 😀

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