Friday’s Personal Update! :)

It’s Friday and I am doing my best to keep to posting personal updates on Fridays here in the Gloomthzine. 🙂 These have mostly been snapshots from my week, and as un-work-related as I can muster. If there is something you’d like to see more/less of for these do let me know! This week appears to be photos of my head and photos of my cat….sorry about that!

goblinMy kitty Goblin (short for Gertrude October) is possibly the least elegant cat I have ever seen. She has claimed the top of this shelf in my home office as her own and spends most of my work from home days laying about on it watching me and occasionally swatting at my head as I pass. Occasionally rolling right off of it in her sleep….

taeden hall


My summer style this year seems to be Tacky Vintage Doll Thing. I guess my grey ghostly doll style has flown the coop with all of the pinks and daisies invading my world, I’m sure it will return when the weather cools again. Also 60s beehive inspired hair!

fish lolita

My fish “purse” is quite possibly my favorite purse. It’s actually a cooler thingy for keeping your catch chilled when fishing, but I don’t fish so it’s a purse for me. Looks rather good with my version of lolita I think (hahaha).


A bushel of lilacs on my lap! Midnight pilfering of lilac bushes near my house with a friend. Now my entire bedroom smells of lilacs (which is quite nice). I love how the air smells at night right now, full of bursting leaves and blossoms. I’m hoping to dry some of the blossoms to make scented sachets for my drawers, we shall see how that goes. 🙂


Wearing my Deco-Barf cat ears this week with a very simple/casual/poor coordinate and bright pink lipstick (“Pageant” by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) which looks crazy neon in this photo…

Here’s something a little more interesting (I hope)! This is a promo goodie the House of Pomegranates Press created for a side project I am working on with them. We’ll be launching the site for that very soon and will have lots of fun tie-ins with Gloomth as well! In the meantime here’s a couple fun photos of something we made to promote the project!!!! *Excited!*

harajuku tarot deck coloring book

harajuku tarot deck


P.S. If you’re local to Toronto the next Salon Noir is June 2nd! It’s going to be amazing and I will be there (look for a little carousel hat). 😀

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