Carmilla- “Ma Muse est Timoree”

Recently I had the honor of illustrating an edition of the classic vampire tale “Carmilla” for the House of Pomegranates Press! This was my first illustration gig after a few years absence from drawing professionally, but it has launched me into a lot of new and exciting side projects as a result. 🙂

Gloomth also released a small collection of pieces inspired by this story, limited edition dresses filled with the intoxicating magic of “Carmilla“.

On the snowiest day of this past winter we set about creating a film with Daniel Richler (who wrote the introduction to our edition of “Carmilla”) and the House of Pomegranates, as well as models Poppy and Grayling. We wanted to create a sort of fever dream, to evoke the feelings of your first encounter with this tale, with the characters. How they haunt us like remote and bewitching muses. Passing through our thoughts, and leaving trails of their strangeness behind.

The result is something really eerie and magical, and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do! For the first time we are pleased to present “Ma Muse est Timoree” a film by the House of Pomegranates Press and Gloomth, with original music by the Sitwells.


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