Personal Update Friday Post!

Phew! It has been a busy last few weeks. I feel like I haven’t been taking any interesting snaps at all to share with you between being sick, the spring line launch, and our Lost At Sea event. I am looking forward to this long weekend and taking some time to do things around my home and be social (and maybe sleep). A weekend without a photoshoot is almost unheard of for me (though we will be doing some scouting for future ones)! 😀


This beautiful dogwood was in full bloom this week. The air around it was full of it’s scent. I tried to pose with it but I mostly just looked silly/tired. 😛


We’ll be launching my upcoming illustration project with the House of Pomegranates next week. I cannot wait to share it with you. In the meantime, here’s a really unflattering photo of me emceeing at the Lost At Sea event (the vacant orchestra seats makes it look empty- it was PACKED). I will try to not write an essay on candid photos and how wretched I appear in this photo (sulk sulk). I was so nervous I was hunched, not a good look. My Gloomth dress did have pompoms though!!!


taeden hall

Yes I am wearing a pink vintage nightie around as “clothes”. Yes, I have a problem with old lady nighties.

My first item of yellow clothing! I have been wearing black since my early teens. I’ve had forays into color but always returned to black and Gothic styles. The last few years it hasn’t felt as *right* on my body and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with colors in my wardrobe. This yellow embroidered cardigan was a big step for me! I always thought I hated yellow but it surprised me- and looks pretty good with my pale pinkish skin. I’ll always love Gothic styles but right now it’s just not how I feel like expressing myself visually. 🙂

vegan marbled banana bread

My first baked loaf!!!! About 3 years ago I decided to learn to cook properly, and I did. I have been avoiding baking largely because I don’t really enjoy most sweet baked goods. However this vegan banana bread with swirls of cocoa throughout changed that! So goooood!!!!! (I am not vegan, but I only know how to cook vegan food…long story).


Are you in Toronto? Are you looking for a very loving but strangely colored boy kitty? Friends of mine are tending this lovely stray cat, who I call Donald. He’s such a sweetheart but he needs a proper home. I’ve been showing his photo to everyone I meet hoping someone will adopt him. 🙂


About gloomth

Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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