Friday’s Fluff Post

As keeping to my plan of personal updates on Fridays here are some snaps from the last week. 🙂 We’ve been busy shooting like crazy lately, but I am taking this weekend to dedicate to making accessories to sell at the event we’re doing on May 9th- and yes, we’ll have whatever doesn’t sell available online afterwards.

Walking through Chinatown (or one of the Chinatowns in Toronto) to go take photos of the venue for our event.

A gigantic spider that was watching me shower (pervert). Who got put out the front window shortly after this photo was snapped. Keep in mind those tiles are about the width of my hand. Big spider!!!


I found minty embroidered vintage pillowcases!!! They look kind of wonky on my lumpy old pillows, but I’m excited. 😛

Atticus presents my new pillowcases. :P
Atticus presents my new pillowcases. 😛

And more in-process work for an upcoming side project. 😉 It feels good to be drawing incessantly again, even if I’ve worn the fingerprints back off of two fingers as a result.


A goofy photo of my wearing my favorite pink nightie (which I wear around as a dress) and cat ears, haha.

I must attempt to look less stunned in photos….oy

Have an awesome weekend everyone! 🙂


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