DIY Lace Crowns Tutorial!

Looking for a beautiful accessory to your next lolita coord’ or royal ensemble? These lace crowns are quite easy to create and the possibilities for customization are endless!

Me awkwardly modelling one of the crowns. Which will have to do til we post the photoshoot publicly! 😉

I made these lovely real lace crowns for a recent photoshoot. The results are stunning and it’s a simple craft that can produce a beautiful personalized accessory very quickly!

Someday I’ll learn how to take really pretty tutorial photos, in the mean time we can just all roll our eyes at how poor quality the tutorial photos I take are.


-Lace: Venise or battenburg would be ideal for this, you want something with a bit of structure to it. Raschel or cheap laces will work in a pinch but we found them to not hold their shapes as nicely when dry (and the glue created films in the spaces in their weaves, thus losing the pattern when painted). The lace preferably should be under 3″ wide, it would will need an awful lot of stiffening/glue to stand upright past that width. The length of lace needed depends on how wide you want the circumference of the crown to be. They look adorable kept short and small as well as wide Queen-style circlets!

Mod Podge: Ah, the everything-craft-goop. We bought the 8 oz bottle and used maybe 1/2 of it to make 4 small crowns, so if you’re planning to make lots of these you might want to invest in the larger bottle.

Brushes: Cheapest ones you can find. We used dollar shop ones as the mod podge gunks them up pretty badly and wrecks the texture/point of the brush.

-Tin foil or wax paper: As a disposable work surface as this is a messy craft! A paper work surface would not work for this. You could use a plastic sheet or craft surface if you don’t want to throw anything extra out, but it would be pretty annoying as the glue will dry on it and be difficult to remove.

-Hot Glue: For fastening your crown closed! We used hot glue, it was quick and worked well with the acrylic painted surfaces. You could use other glues, but we haven’t tried them so we aren’t recommending them. 🙂

-Paint and Decorations: We used Liquitex acrylic in metallic gold and a cheap acrylic craft paint in bright neon pink for the crowns shown here. It needs to be acrylic paint, obviously watercolors or oils won’t work for this. Get creative- add glitter or gold/silver leafing, glue on jewels and tiny bows, googly eyes, basically anything light and glue-able! 🙂

Fasteners: There are a few ways to attach the crowns to your head. We used 2-3 bobby pins slid through the weave of the lace and into the hair- which worked really well and kept the crowns in place the entire day. You could also glue your crown to a headband or to a length of elastic or ribbon which could be tied under the hair. We have only tried the bobby pin method so if you test out one of the others let us know how it goes!

Step One:

Cut the lace into the lengths you’d like! Ours are about 12″ long or thereabouts, which makes a 6″ wide crown when shaped into a circle. Lay the pieces flat on your work surface (tin foil for us).
Step Two:

This is how the lace looks after the first coat of mod podge.

Apply mod podge! Get your brush and start slathering the goop onto the lace. Make sure you soak the lace fully, it needs to get into the fibres so that they dry stiff to stand upright when worn. As it dries (which takes a few hours) occasionally flip the lace over and reapply glue wherever needed. You’ll likely need 2-3 coats of the stuff for it to really hold.

Ideally allow the lengths of mod-podge-d lace to dry overnight.

Step Three:

Painting on the gold! So fancy!
Painting on the gold! So fancy!

Paint and decorate! We used our acrylic paints to make adorable pink and metallic gold crowns! We kept ours simple for the shoot but we’re excited to make more complicated and fancy ones for future photoshoots and events.

Dry lengths of lace laying on my floor to show the pattern woven in the lace is still visible after painting. 🙂

Step Four:

Fasten your crown into it’s shape! Overlap the ends of the lace and match up the pattern, fasten with hot glue. Press tightly together as the glue sets.

*To wear the crown simply slide 2-3 bobby pins through the lace weave near the bottom edge of the crown and into your hair!

Voila! Your own crown, now all you’ll need is a land to rule over. Hm.. 😉

diy lace crown
Finished crowns hanging out on my windowsill to dry overnight!

6 thoughts on “DIY Lace Crowns Tutorial!

  1. How are you keeping them -attached- to the wearers head? Or is a precariously balance and dont move too-quick accessory? ^_^

    1. Oh! I forgot to put that in, thanks for reminding me!!! 😛

      It’s really easy to wear the crowns- just slide bobby pins through the weave of the lace near the base and then into your hair. We did that for the shoot and the crowns stayed in place perfectly!

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