Frivolous Friday (PUFF!)

Another week another edition of my P.U.F.f Post Fridays (Personal Update Fridays- f). 🙂 I’m sharing photos and updates from my week with you, things that are mostly not business related. If there’s some aspect of my day-to-day you’re curious about please let me know and I’ll see if I can fit it in to future posts.


My kitty Goblin modelling an abnormally large sweet potato I cooked for my Un-Easter Dinner. Not-shown, Gob’ attacking said potato..


A work-in-progress snap of a side project I am knee deep in right now. I’m quite excited about it but can’t really talk much about it here until May.

IMGP0820 IMGP0846

Maneki-Neko clock!!! I could use some extra good luck this spring! I was thrilled when I spotted this $3 clock at a thrift shop near my house. Atticus does not look quite so impressed by it…


Me goofing around with one of the lace crown prototypes I made (tutorial coming soon).

In other news I am busily preparing for a photoshoot tomorrow (rain or shine!) and finalizing details for our spring line. It’s been a hectic month so far but also lots of fun! I am much happier over-scheduled and wicked busy than not. It just means I don’t have as many fun photos to share from non-work things. We’ll have some great event announcements very soon (yes, we’re actually venturing out in public).


2 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday (PUFF!)

  1. I sense some Dolly Kei vibes from that sketch~
    I’d love to see how you’d interpret that style :3
    I also can’t wait for the tutorial.The prototype looks cute ❤

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