Once Upon a Babybat

Once upon a time I was a “Babybat”, a Gothling, a young person deeply excited about Gothic culture. It’s a twinge awkward to admit how long ago that actually was. My enthusiasm as a young gothling was rather like the kind associated with puppies (boundless and all encompassing), I devoured everything I could find on the subculture ravenously, and got involved in as many aspects of it as I could!

Some very silly and old photos of young goth me (yes, they made me laugh too):

This is not a flattering pose.
This is not a flattering pose.
My mother made me this cape. Yes, I still have it.
My mother made me this cape. Yes, I still have it.
Why so sulky? :P
Why so sulky? 😛
Happy Gawth!
Happy Gawth!

I digress, one of the first clothing items I fell in love with (while using dial-up internet to find gothic websites) was a long black velvet skirt by “Omen” from Europe. It swept out below the knee like Morticia’s skirts, swinging barely an inch above the floor, and had ornate crucifixes in a dark silver printed around the hem. Sadly I can find no photos of it online anywhere. It was over the top and dramatic, and like nothing I’d seen in my small town youth. Much aching and whimpering over this skirt ensured. Not so long after I got my first credit card and spent ages tracking the skirt down. I was only ever able to find it in a small/medium (which I have never fit into) but purchased it anyway.

All this time that lovely skirt has been with me, carried from apartment, to house, to college, to starting my business. I’ve sold off a lot of my early gothic attire but kept some pieces, including this skirt. It’s been here, in my wardrobe, unworn- but loved. Recently I was sorting through my stored things here and came across the Omen skirt again, it still thrills me and reminds me of the excitement I first felt for Gothic culture- even if I have no plans to wear it.

So I decided- I probably won’t ever wear it as a skirt. Floor length sweepy things aren’t usually a very good shape on my figure (I like my legs). Also it remained too small. I decreed that my “Original Gothic Item of Much Lust” should be turned into a dress! And- voila!

I stupidly waited til after the art event I wore it to, to try and take photos. Which resulted in zero in focus full outfit shots and lots where I am slumped over looking tired…haha
Close up of the detail on the dress. I will try and take a better outfit shot the next time I wear it!
My legs look stumpy here. Even Gob is wondering what’s going on.

It’s much more wearable now! The skirt was shortened dramatically, but has maintained it’s swing and gorgeous crucifix print. It fits a petticoat. A simple bodice has been added. Now it’s an adorable little dress that I can see myself wearing for ages with all sorts of styles, and it lets me see and wear the skirt I loved so dearly as a Babybat as a grown-up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Babybat

  1. I love being able to fix up items that were previously unwearable and get some much deserved wear out of them. I love what you did with this skirt and I’m so happy you finally found a way to wear something for your babybat days in a gorgeous manner!

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