DIY Custom False Lashes!

If you’ve ever bought elaborate false eyelashes you know how expensive they can be! If you’re looking for a unique touch to your makeup for an event or photoshoot and either don’t have the money for a fancy pair or want a set that no one else in the world has- this tutorial is for you! 🙂


We often customize false eyelashes for our photoshoots, layering or cutting apart and re-arranging cheap falsies to create beautiful looks- but this takes it even further. For our recent photoshoot we tailor made elaborate spidery false lashes for our models! It’s pretty easy to do and the possibilities for creating unique styles are endless!


-1 pair basic false lashes (for a base). You can get really cheap ones at the dollar store even. We buy the ones we use for shoots in bulk packs of 10-20 pairs online.

-Eyelash glue. DUO is the best brand for this that we have ever used, and is the one shown in this tutorial.

-Scissors. Preferably with a small pointed end, such as cuticle scissors or narrow craft ones.

-Feathers. You’ll need flat ones (not the fluffy sort), the longer the better. The ones we used for this came in a pack of multi colored flat feathers.

-Eyelash Curler. Brand doesn’t matter, if you wear false eyelashes at all you likely own one of these anyway.

-Clear tape. Something less-sticky like the sort you’d use for wrapping presents (not packing tape ideally), masking tape would work also.


Step One:

Tape down your base lash bands. Put one corner under the lip of tape and then arch the lash so that it sits above the work surface, and then tape the other end down. This creates the perfect shape to build on these lashes, as they are now curved like they will be when worn.

diy false lashes
The glue step comes later, this photo is just to show you how the base should look taped down. 🙂

Step Two:

Separate feathers from rachis. This is one of the trickier parts of this process. Start by snipping a chunk of the feathers from the rachis (shaft or hard middle stem part). You’ll end up with a chunk of the “barbs” or individual feather strands that stay together in a solid piece.

diy false eyelashes
Some cut pieces of feather haphazardly strewn about to show you what the segments of feather look like when removed from the rachis/pre-trimming. 🙂

Step Three:

Create lash points from the feathers. Now use your fingernails and very carefully separate chunks of the feather barbs to create long stems or lashes. A few barbs left together will give the lovely large eyelash appearance we were aiming for on our pairs. Now trim one end of your new lash-points flat so it will be easier to bunt it up against the base of the lash band (shown below). You can also trim the other end to create a point or interesting shape, we cut ours on a slight diagonal for a soft point.

BEST MOST USEFUL TUTORIAL PHOTO EVER. What could this mysterious object be? Is it a snake? Sea worm? Nope. Eyelash made of feather.

Step Four:

Place a bit of the eyelash glue on the top of the eyelash band, right where the lashes attach to the band (but on the reverse side of where you’d glue to attach them to your eyelids). Let it cure a moment so it’s nice and sticky.

(Refer to the first photo from this tutorial to see where the glue goes)

Step Five:

Use tweezers or very careful fingers to gently place each of the lash points you made into the glue. Make sure the base of each point bunts up against the lash band for the best effect. Stagger the lengths for a more classy (and less costume) feel. We kept ours spidery and some overlapping. Allow to dry, you will notice this takes quite a bit longer than it does when you just apply lashes to your face, we figured the lashes were good to be worn within 2 hours (likely sooner).

diy custom fake eyelashes
See the pieces of feather in the glue? Wow!


tutorial fake eyelashes
Just to show you how many strands of feather we used for ours!

Step Six:

Curl the lashes! It’s easiest to curl these extreme lashes before applying them. Gently use your lash curler to bend the new points upwards to sit nicely with the lash band.

VOILA! You own couture false eyelashes! Get fancy- use multicolored feather points or lengths placed throughout for all sorts of specialized looks. 🙂


7 thoughts on “DIY Custom False Lashes!

    1. Thanks! I’m no makeup expert so I am not sure it’ll be a topic we cover in much depth, as there are tons of real experts out there doing it already. 🙂

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