Gothic Tree Ornaments!

The holidays are traditionally garish- tinsel and baubles, flashing rainbow lights, and that awful red and green color scheme is enough to give any goth a stomach ache! Today we’ve compiled a list of alternative Xmas tree decorations from around the internet to help get you inspired to make your tree your own!


Traditions holiday store has some great Halloween themed ornaments we thought would looks great on a black Xmas tree! We love those memento-mori looking skulls and the glitter spider is adorable.


This goofy bat from Trendy Tree would be adorable hung in the bows of any alternative tree. Trendy Tree has lots of vintage Halloween themed glass ornaments also!


These ornate black finial ornaments from Christmas Central would be a classic touch to a darker themed Xmas tree. We’d love to see these paired with an array of simple black and silver (or red) baubles and balls!

What sort of spooky things would be on your dream holiday tree?


5 thoughts on “Gothic Tree Ornaments!

  1. Gorgeous finds!
    My dream tree would be black or white, and covered in doves and bats. Maybe a black tree covered with white doves perched on the branches, and a white tree clad with black bats all hanging upside down. Live creatures, of course; their movements and sounds would add a wonderful touch to Christmas. Peace on earth to all creatures; whether you’re a pretty, popular dove or a sadly maligned but fascinating bat.
    There’s a mine of symbolism there. 😉

    1. Thanks!
      I have the smallest black Xmas tree, it’s maybe 1 foot tall. I have yet to decorate it though so it’s just sitting on my table as a small black coniferous tree….lol

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