DIY Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas!

You don’t have to compromise your decadent dark preferences or spend a lot of money just to wrap gifts! With a little time and a little creativity you can make custom wrapping paper that expresses the shadows of the season and your taste beautifully.

All of today’s ideas begin with regular brown kraft paper.

I did not take this photo. That’s why it’s in focus. 😉

This paper is available at dollar shops (and pretty much anywhere that sells packing supplies) and is generally used for wrapping things for the mail. It’s sturdy and has a smooth and a rough side, it’s also a lot sturdier than most wrapping papers which is nice (as who wants the corner of a box breaking through their careful wrapping job).

1. For The Artist: Wrap the gifts in the kraft paper and then set to work turning these blank canvases into something amazing! With markers you can fill the space with your own interpretation of the holidays- dark forests, eerie graveyards, ghosts of Xmas past, whatever you’d like! We love how black coordinates with the beige paper for a classic feel. Bonus points for drawing fake ribbons and bows on your finished presents! 😉

2. For The Writer: If your talent lays more with words than with pictures fill the spaces of paper with lettering! Write song lyrics, poetry, or anything really. The hand writing looks beautiful as an all over “print” on the paper, and can be customized to express personal messages to the recipient.

Just a quick example of how the paper might look if you write or stamp it. 🙂

3.  For The Overwhelmed: Got a lot of presents to decorate? A fast way to custom wrapping paper is to use pre-made stamps. Halloween themed ones can be found online and in store very cheaply, and be used for all sorts of projects. We used a bat stamp and poster paint to create a simple wrapping paper design. This can be done before you wrap the presents as well as after (be careful not to use too much paint as it may bleed through the paper). You can also make custom stamps out of potatoes or sponges, but if you’re swamped this can be a time consuming endeavour.

4. For the Gory: Add a little eeriness to your presents this year! Stain your hand in a bit of red poster paint and then smear and stamp it all over the paper for a bloodied spooky feel. Bonus points for splattering bits of the red with a brush for an added effect!

What would you put on your homemade wrapping paper? Any tips for customizing gift wrap this holiday?


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