Circus Theme Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s the perfect excuse to transform yourself into something incredible or to create an outfit you’ll be able to utilize elements of for the rest of the year. We love the concept of a dark and vintage Circus as a starting point for all sorts of fantastic ensembles! Here’s a few coordinate ideas to get your Halloween mojo running! 😉

Gloomth's Haunted Circus

Lion Tamer! For the perfect Eerie Lion Tamer costume we’d combine our “Un-Tamer” vest with bloomers or a wide puffy skirt, arm warmers made from dollarstore knee high stockings, and otk socks would be a great addition! Our model Fine Lines is wearing a vintage band-leader hat, but a top hat or any sort of cluster of feathers and sparkle would work really nicely as a finishing touch to this costume. For makeup we’d aim for glittery fake wounds and dark smudgy eyes, think “glamoursly mauled by the sideshow animal”! 😉

Gloomth's Haunted Circus

How about a Sad Circus Clown Costume? Clowns are pretty creepy on their own, but this notion can be really magnified with the right Halloween outfit! We’d pair our “Trapeze” dress with a tattered pointed clown hat and stripey stockings for a quick Halloween look. As for makeup we used lots of blush and little black diamonds to mimic vintage circus stage makeup, for Halloween take it a bit further with bright red smudgy lipstick and glitter!

Gloomth's Haunted Circus

Sideshow Strong Man (or Woman) Costume! This would be a fun and comfortable costume to wear to just about any Halloween event! We’d pair our “Aviatrix” romper with stripey stockings and grannie boots, and add a pair of quick-to-make arm warmers made from dollarstore knee high stockings. Any vintage style hats would look great with this, or a cluster of sparkly clips and bits! For a prop we would use two black balloons fastened to the ends of a broomstick or cardboard tube painted black for a set of weights!

Gloomth's Haunted Circus

The Ringleader Costume! Pair a mini or full-size top hat with a black puffy doll dress and stripey stockings with our “Ringmaster” jacket for the perfect Halloween costume! Lots of glitter and dark lipstick would be ideal makeup. How easy!



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Gloomth is a love letter to the misfits of the misfits. Our blog covers strange lifestyle inspiration, diy ideas, our clothing label photoshoots, and more. Written by Gloomth designer Taeden Hall.
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