Winner of our Sock Dreams Contest!

Hooray! A winner has been chosen for our recent contest with Sock Dreams! Thank you to everyone who entered, who shared the contest with their friends. We’ll be hosting lots more giveaways and contests in the future!

The Graveyard

The winner is: Celina!

“A rogue socialite who left society after a tragic family death, leaving her a beleaguered shell with no love for the dances, dinners and teas with all those who insist she should be fine. She turns to nature to guide her along and become her refuge. She still wears clothing reminiscent of her time in the highest of societies, but her manner is what’s turned so wild. Her hair is a wild tangle of curls and she carries a handmade bow with a quiver on her back.
She wears a “Eulalie” blouse which allows for freedom of movement in her arms, and an “Avarice” shrug for warmth and protection, but the tight sleeves are to allow better performance with her bow. An “Impetuous” skirt allows her to run, to climb – a shortened version of her older skirts. Underneath, for what remains of her old self, is the “Cheri” bloomers in black with black lace, more to protect her legs from tree bark than anything else.
Hunter Green long cuffable scrunchable socks allow for warmth and a slightly better camouflage in the forests, with a suspender clip industrial garter belt to prevent anything from slipping. Velvet fingerless opera gloves (that have been altered from her old life) protect her arms when she hasn’t need of the shrug and a LoPocket Sport carries some handy belongings such as flint and a small knife close, where she can keep it safe.”

The winner will receive an email with information about the prizes soon!

The Graveyard
The runner up is:

Rowan with:

“take one Star Carousel dress, one Avarice shrug, one pair of Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in pomegranate and black, then layer the Fencenet thigh highs in white over them. Add some fabulous and strange boots, a mini top hat, and great makeup-you’re the Ringmaster of the Strange Circus!”



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