Gloomth & Sock Dreams CONTEST!!!

****THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED!****The winner will be announced Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.

Now is your chance to get your hands- er feet- into some luscious Sock Dreams goodies of your choice! Gloomth and Sock Dreams are throwing a fantastic giveaway today to celebrate the start of our favourite month- October! 😀

The Graveyard

The Prize:

$30 gift certificate towards anything in the Sock Dreams catalogue!


$100 gift certificate towards anything in the Gloomth catalogue!

The Graveyard
How to Enter: Take a look through both of our sites and comment on this zine entry with your perfect Halloween outfit idea comprised of Gloomth clothing and Sock Dreams socks (or accessories)! One winner will be chosen on October  8th and announced that day right here in the Gloomthzine! The gift certificate codes will be emailed to the winner.

(one entry per email address, per name, only.)

Contest opens today, October 1st and closes Tuesday, October 8th at midnight. 🙂

Please share this contest with your friends! The more entries and interest we get in our giveaways and contests the more of them we’ll throw in the future.



31 thoughts on “Gloomth & Sock Dreams CONTEST!!!

  1. Alice in Wonderland:

    The main component of the costume is a beautiful grey and white Victorian dress, named “The Dutchess”, with puffed sleeves and ruffle trim perfectly fit for a tea party. Because no outfit is complete without bloomers, the next is a pair of sweet “Cheri” lace and ruffles pettipants, which are very practical for when one is falling down large rabbit holes. We’ll be kept modest with a pair of “White Lace Gloves” for our hands and “Wide Stripe Cotton-Lined Wool Tights” in sky blue. Our legs will be kept warm with a pair of “Harajuku Leg Warmers” in milk tea.
    Last but not least, where would we be without the White Hare that brought us here? Pluck up your “Plush White Rabbit Purse” and we’re off to Wonderland!

  2. My outfit would be the Kuro Lilly dress paired with Harlequin and Heart knee highs and the Plush White Rabbit Purse. It’d be so cute!

  3. The Sorrow Dress in black, paired with a long, black veil, black elbow length gloves, and lacy black tights, or spiderweb tights for a modernized, gothic spin on Victorian mourning garb.

  4. “Black ‘Bishop’ Chess Piece”

    As a fan of Chess I have always wanted to see chess pieces as Halloween costumes.
    Perhaps a little bit obvious… “Checkered Thigh Highs tights” [black and white] worn with the “Mourning Glory” dress and either a very swanky Pope style hat. A creative person could make an elaborate headpiece made of check-fabric bows and chess pieces. Satin gloves in either white to accent, or black to compliment and a Knight chess piece pendant. This would be a fun, non-tacky easy pair-type outfit to do with a partner and go as opposite colors on the chess board. It would also blend nicely with Black King’s, and White Queen’s!

  5. My outfit would be the Star Carousel Circus Dress with the red Cuban two tone stockings and faux fur leg warmers on top of the stockings and sating gloves with snap buttons!

  6. I’d do an insane asylum outfit with the “Shalott” Victorian Nightdress, but I’d tea-dye it to give it a more old feel to it. I’d also add the Stretch Lace Wrist-Length Gloves and the Striped Leggings since my character would feel like she was still living at home, and I’d do some makeup and latex to add scars and scratches and even distress the leggings a bit. My hair would be teased and a bit messy (obviously). I’d love to win this giveaway, thank you so much for hosting it!

  7. “Itoshii White” top with the “Scarlet” skirt and the Sheer to Waist Pantyhose would make a great outfit!

    eloquent [at]

  8. Let’s see… from head to toe:
    Ringmaster Circus Jacket,
    Verily Zipper Dress,
    Striped Thigh High with Heart Tops and
    Alice’s Snappy Suit Garters… I think that would be good, maybe with some Harajuku Leg Warmers in red.

  9. A rogue socialite who left society after a tragic family death, leaving her a beleaguered shell with no love for the dances, dinners and teas with all those who insist she should be fine. She turns to nature to guide her along and become her refuge. She still wears clothing reminiscent of her time in the highest of societies, but her manner is what’s turned so wild. Her hair is a wild tangle of curls and she carries a handmade bow with a quiver on her back.
    She wears a “Eulalie” blouse which allows for freedom of movement in her arms, and an
    “Avarice” shrug for warmth and protection, but the tight sleeves are to allow better performance with her bow. An “Impetuous” skirt allows her to run, to climb – a shortened version of her older skirts. Underneath, for what remains of her old self, is the “Cheri” bloomers in black with black lace, more to protect her legs from tree bark than anything else.
    Hunter Green long cuffable scrunchable socks allow for warmth and a slightly better camouflage in the forests, with a suspender clip industrial garter belt to prevent anything from slipping. Velvet fingerless opera gloves (that have been altered from her old life) protect her arms when she hasn’t need of the shrug and a LoPocket Sport carries some handy belongings such as flint and a small knife close, where she can keep it safe.

  10. Halloween is actually my anniversary so I would want some fancy dress. I would wear the Plumes of Death Skirt with the Wicked Thursday top. I’d wear the extraordinarily longer thigh high socks in black with my trusty Oxblood knee high doc martens.

  11. For Halloween, I’d pair the Nautical dress in navy blue with the Galley Ho Knee Socks. I’d wear a sailor hat, and do some bold lashes, red lipstick and curl my hair to top it off. I’d be a cute sailor doll.

  12. I would have to combine the Kawaii Over The Knee Skeleton Socks ( with Gloomth’s Cameo Petticoat Dress ( I’d finish the look off with either the Hand Bone Arm Warmers ( or maybe just the Basic Fingerless Gloves (

  13. My outfit would be based on the holiday itself. Ghost skirt, Aristocracy blouse, and pumpkin rump pettipants. Sheer spiderweb armwarmers, bat attack knee highs layered over spider lace tights, which is layered over silver gray color tights

  14. I would be Courtney Crumrin from Ted Naifeh’s graphic novel series of the same name CX
    I’d start with Gloometh’s Nautical tunic dress in black with the Sideshow ruffled pettipants and Sock Dreams’ Lycra Acrylic Striped Thigh Highs in black and white. I would add one Fishnet Fingerless Lace-Up Glove, one Hand Bone Armwarmer, and Courtney’s signature bat hair slide (DIY of course).

  15. I would wear the “Sorrow” dress in Cranberry Red. Underneath, I’d add the “Micromesh Lace Ruffle Tanga Short” in Black and the “Crinoline Skirt with Lace Trim” in Black. I’d accessorize with “Sheer Vertical Stripes with Lace” thigh-high stockings in black and “Stretch Lace Wrist-Length Gloves” in Black. (And I’d probably wear a pair of black velvet wedge pumps and carry a small black parasol to finish the look!) Happy October! 🙂

  16. Queen of Hearts
    “Sorrow” dress in red with the Layered Tulle Petticoat in black underneath. Striped Thigh High with Heart Tops on the legs and Lace Gloves with Ruffles Fingerless in Black on the hands. With Snappy Heart Sock Garters holding up things up as a Queen shant be seen with her stockings drooping. The look is completed with a “Blood on Snow” hairpiece to replace the cliched crown and heart-tipped staff.
    Off with her head!

  17. take one Star Carousel dress, one Avarice shrug, one pair of Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh Highs in pomegranate and black, then layer the Fencenet thigh highs in white over them. Add some fabulous and strange boots, a mini top hat, and great makeup-you’re the Ringmaster of the Strange Circus!

  18. The Shiro Lilly Dress with Layered Tulle Petticoat in Red. Pair that with the Poker Suite arm warmers and knee socks with the Plush White Rabbit Purse.

  19. My Gothic Beauty Tragedy outfit coordinate. It’s perfect for a Halloween or gothic tea party.
    -The Valerian Dress from Gloomth
    -The Vrai Noir Corset Overcoat from Gloomth
    -Foot Traffic Striped Thigh Highs from Sock Dreams
    -Velvet Fingerless Opera Length Gloves from Sock Dreams

  20. Oh, I’d love to pair the sapphire corset skirt with the monarch blouse (both from Gloomth) and the Spandex Fishnet Pantyhose in neon blue from Sock Dreams.

  21. Not sure what i’d call it, except UnMeganity:

    UnTamer coat
    Cheri Ruffled Pettipants black with cream lace (unless cream wouldn’t match white in UnTamer, in which case: Sideshow

    maybe this: (can’t tell if the cream would be okay with the white in the other pieces)

    from sock dreams:
    black footless tights
    white garter belt
    holding up: (b/w)

    these gloves:

    gold+black shoes, gold accent jewelry (*gold comes from the shoulderpads of the untamer coat* so it’d be to match that color not strictly ‘gold’ gold), dramatic black eye makeup or a skeleton mask/facial. hair would be black and white synthetic dreadlocks :] oh, and a long black+white striped tail<3

  22. For a cute and not-so-revealing ‘sailor sweetie’ costume, I think the ‘Nautical’ dress ( would pair nicely with ‘Opaque Tights’ ( and French Blue to counter the shortness of the dress.

    “Satin Gloves with Snap Buttons” ( and “Leg Warmers with Brass Buttons” ( would go well to cover up~!

  23. I’m going to say the Valerian Corset dress from Gloomth and the spider lace pantyhose from Sock Dreamas! =)

  24. for halloween I just want to be one of my childhood dolls, innocent and porcelain and wide-eyed. The duchesse dress plus the polka dot hose (with scalloping at the top) would be perfect!

  25. This would be more of a ringmaster costume, I suppose.

    “Un-Tamer” Jacket:
    “Cherie” Ruffled Petti-pants in black with black lace
    “Philippe Matignon Retina Fishnet tights” in Desert Playa
    “Studded Diamond Cut-Out Legwarmers”
    and “Cropped Satin Ruffle Glove with Buckle”

    so yup 🙂

  26. A cast away doll.
    No longer loved by her owner she wanders the earth, a broken shell of what she once was.
    To be her, I would pair the wicked thursday blouse
    with the viola corset skirt in black.
    And add the petite coquette pettipants in all black underneath.

    Then I would add to the outfit a pair of slouch lace anklets
    perhaps with spider lace pantyhose and finish off with black creepers.
    Finally I would do porcelain doll makeup, with rosy blush and cracked skin. Wear one black and one ice blue contact. Have purple tinted nails with optional bloody cracks. Wear my long hair down, voluminous and messy with the blood on snow hairpiece on one side.
    extra blood and dirt are optional 🙂

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