Friday the 13th!

It’s Friday the 13th! An unlucky omen to “normal” people but definitely a lucky one to those of us with a darker outlook. So bring on the black cats (and keep them safe as there’s a long history of abuse involving black kitties around Friday the 13th’s) and broken mirrors. We’ve magic to revel in!

Occult Practice

The concept that Friday the 13th is “bad” or unlucky is a very old idea. It is said to have evolved in Christianity as witches covens had 12 members which became 13 if the devil showed up to their ritual (rsvp? Lord of Evil + 1). The home of the gods, Valhalla, had 12 gods and 13 if the trickster “God of Deceit” appeared (also unreliable, and unlikely to rsvp). In numerology 12 appears over and over as a nice rounded even number, 13 is the jerk with the extra, the aberrant (you can see why we would like this date).

In the Attic
To celebrate this special date on our spooky calendars we’ve got a coupon just for this weekend! Get $13 off of any dress (custom or regular sizes) in our catalogue!

Valid once per order, not applicable to any other items in our catalogue, cannot be combined with other coupons/sales/offers. Expires Monday the 16th of July.

Code: friday13

Just put the code in at checkout to get your discount. 🙂

Have a wonderfully mischievous Friday the 13th weekend!!!!!!


p.s. this coupon is also in lieu of a contest as we haven’t had many votes on what sort to host yet, so we’ll hold off for a little while for when people are more interested. 🙂

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