Cemetery Terrarium

Recently I’ve become fascinated by terrariums. This is partly because my apartment does not get a lot of sun so it’s difficult to grow very many kinds of plants successfully, but I love gardening and growing things. I was getting a bit tired of violets, I confess. I also love the idea of constructing tiny delicate worlds in peculiar containers.

This is my first attempt at making a terrarium! I used an antique apothecary jar because it had such a unique shape. There are several layers of drainage and nutrient thingies under the moss itself (boring boring).

I actually collected (pilfered) the moss from the forest near my apartment. There are 3 kinds tucked inside the jar.

Hand to show scale! It’s so small!!!

I finished the scene with a variety of tiny little plaster tombstones I hand painted individually. They are meant to look askew and forgotten, as though it’s an overgrown lost cemetery.

cemetery terrarium garden glass goth jar

I’m fairly satisfied with my first attempt at this and look forward to making more complex and strange little worlds! :D!

Do you garden?


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