Gloomth’s Haunted Circus

Boys and Ghouls, step right up! Welcome to Gloomth’s Haunted Circus– A collection of designs inspired by a spooky nocturnal circus! Filled with ghosts, vampires, and magic- attire sure to draw delight out from even the darkest souls. A dark wonderland of carnival rides and prestidigitation, of frills and pompoms, all laced through with Gloomth’s signature strangeness.


We are thrilled to announce our next themed line! Consider this the summer project of the students of St.Gloomth Academy. These vintage-circus inspired designs are the perfect pieces for Summer 2012, and will soon be manifesting in our catalogue (in a cloud of glittering digital smoke)!

To celebrate the upcoming formal launch of this line (in about 1 week from today) we will be highlighting each piece with it’s inspiration and story one by one! The designs themselves will be available for purchase by the end of May.


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