Little Spring Flowers

Around the corner from my apartment building is a sort of forgotten bit of space. It’s this lovely scrap of “forest” tucked into the city. Toronto has many little parks and woody areas like this- but I pass through this one near daily and it’s become this sort of holy space for me. A little pause in the day, where I can see the seasons slow emergence that’s often hidden in all the mess and noise of urban life. I grew up in the country and I love nature, it’s sometimes a little difficult for me in the city with all the noise and commotion and ugliness, so having a small reminder of nature right by my home is ideal.

Just this week the valley erupted with tiny blue flowers. A carpet of them up seemed to appear overnight. They are so vibrant and blue, like jewels scattered on the dead leaves.

After a bit of research I discovered they’re called Siberian squill or wood squill, and often appear suddenly and then go dormant before the grass is ready to be mowed. Beautiful!



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