Wig of Doom

I have this 51″ costume wig that has suffered every indignity a very cheaply purchased and disrespected wig could suffer, and yet the more tangled it gets the better it looks (to me). Must be my affinity for all things tattered or decaying. It looks perfect paired with the frayed edges on the St.Gloomth Academy “Library” dress for a decidedly un-lolita look.

This weekend, after spending most of the week sick, I decided to brave the sunlight and just play around with some casual photos and a punkish outfit. Went for a walk in my immediate neighbourhood and ended up down a hidden pathway by the train tracks (I was hoping to find a body so I could make soup- 😛 ).

Sadly no corpses that day, just me and a few curious dog walkers.

The photos aren’t the best work I’ve done but they’re kind of fun in their own way. 🙂

My walking shoes don't match this outfit. Next time I'll bring cuter ones with me. 😛

The rest can be found in our flickr!


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