Gloomth and Delilah Noir

Back in 2010 I was contacted by the Bradford Exchange (who also own Ashton Drake) which create various collector’s dolls. Including these really effing scary orangutan babies.

They asked Gloomth to design an outfit for their foray into the world of alternative ball-jointed designer dolls. Also known as “Delilah Noir”! I was thrilled to take on this challenge and set to creating something suitable for their doll’s character and “personality”. My only criteria were that they wanted something black and blue. What we ended up with was a take on our “Itoshii” top paired with a blue accented version of our corset skirts!

They even made little beaded hair accessories and a tiny version of our infamous bunny-doll! The detail on the outfit is incredible! Right down to the striped otks and bow decorated platforms.

Now, two years later, I found out they’d decided to market our outfit just as the Delilah Noir line is ending. So sadly there aren’t many available anymore. We did manage to get samples of the debut Delilah doll as well as the Blue Gloomth outfit, as it is called. Pardon my bad doll photography, we will be doing a proper photoshoot with the doll soon, as well as a contest to give away one of the dolls/outfits!

You can find a whole album of me opening the doll and more photos of the outfit on our facebook. 🙂

Would you be interested in this outfit in “human” sizes? 😛


5 thoughts on “Gloomth and Delilah Noir

  1. I didn’t know they were ending that doll line – now I have to go to that site and see if I can still get this Gloomth outfit for my doll!

    1. Apparently that line is winding down, I think they are selling the remaining stock and that’s it. The outfit is super rare now, which is sad, you can find it on some collector websites/ebay. We’ll also be raffling one of the dolls and outfits off soon! 🙂

  2. I was really shoocked yesterday to see the Delilah Noir Website and Facebook Page had been taken down. Why haven’t they announced the end of the line for their fans? It’s such a shame this great doll is being discontinued.

    I enjoyed reading your article, I didn’t know the Blue Gloomth had been based on real clothing, it’s so cool. I’ve enjoyed browsing your facebook page.

    Please can you tell me when you are doing the competion to win the doll or outfit, how do I enter?

    1. Yes, it’s a total shame the doll is being discontinued. She’s adorable! Our whole interaction with that company has honestly been really negative, so it’s no surprise that it’s suddenly evaporating despite interested fans/customers. We had been looking forward to further collaboration and co-marketing this doll and our outfits but that won’t be happening.

      We will be holding the contest when the next issue of AltFashion Magazine comes out I think, as part of our celebration for winning their poll as “Best International Designer”. It may end up being before that but I’m not 100% certain as of yet. 🙂

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