Lovina + Gloomth

Our friend and model, Lovina, recently coordinated and styled an adorable photoshoot as her contest entry for RockStarWigs using our “Cotillion” velvet dress! We love it when we see people using our pieces in creative coordinates, so we were really excited to see her photos!

Dress by: Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy
Wig/skull bow by: Tegan Todestrieb
Model/MUA/Stylist/Accessories (self made): Lovina Yavari
Photographer: AltoVenue

You can check the photos out right here: http://lovinayavari.tumblr.com/


The black and purple combination is so much fun! As are all the tiny little skulls and crossbones hidden throughout her clever outfit. Great work!!!!


p.s. Please toss her a vote in the contest also! 🙂 

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