St.Gloomth Academy 1

There are no signs indicating that a school of any kind exists in the area, no promotional fliers are sent out, no bake sales held. Utilizing the city’s talent for anonymity the Academy maintains it’s peculiar tutelage in almost plain sight. Tucked in the old end of town, it’s grey stone perimeter is unremarkable from outside, only the ornate iron fencing at it’s peak hint towards what magic exists within.

St.Gloomth Academy

The students are almost never seen, slipping in through the ivy covered gates as silently as cats. The instructors are even more mysterious.

Within the gates the air feels different, as if the city’s noise and commotion drops away a little. The courtyard is cobblestone, uneven and loose in places but free of litter. There is a small fountain in the centre, it has not operated in a very long time, rainwater has collected in it’s basin and has grown inky and stagnant. There is a single shining penny visible on the bottom, bright copper against the emerald algae.

St.Gloomth Academy

A strange energy buzzes in the air, it seems to increase as one approaches the main building. Like the scent of incense burned hours before, it lingers just below the senses, but it is there….

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