Union Jack!

The last new catalogue additions of 2011! This year has gone by so very quickly. It seems as if we were just celebrating the end of 2010.

Please welcome our brand new “Union Jack” Dress! Perfect for tea with the Queen or for wearing to your favorite concert. This adorable party dress is the perfect blend of punk and girlie. Made of soft cotton blend in a lush royal blue color it flatters a variety of skin tones (also available with a black base).

This dress is also available with three levels of tattering- for those aiming for a punkier look we offer it with very raw edges (as shown on the mannequin) and for those wanting a more finished (but still faintly edgy) style we offer the less raw edging on the stripes. We can also make it with completely finished edges on the flag.

I wore one as my holiday party dress and paired it with textured tights and a white lacy top- oh and lots of gold chains/pins! We’ll have model photos of this dress very soon.

What would you wear with this dress?



p.s. Please take a moment to suggest Gloomth in the Alt Fashion end of year poll! http://www.altfashion.co.uk/2011-poll.html

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