Family Addition

I am sorry for being absent the last few days, things have been a bit hectic around the homefront. We are shipping out the last of the in-time-for Xmas rush and I adopted a little cat!!!!

After the passing of my oldest friend, Smokey Josephine Patlova, I couldn’t really imagine loving another cat the same way. Eventually I began cruising rescue sites, hoping to find the perfect friend for my other cat Atticus, and one grey day MistressMcCutchan and I decided to check out Toronto Animal Services in person.

Yes, they are a “kill” facility but I thought it might be better to choose a cat from somewhere where they are in desperate need of homes than one happily residing in a foster home. I was truly impressed by the kindness of the staff at A.S. They let us spend ages playing with and introducing ourselves to the 10-12 cats they had. It was an extremely difficult choice to make, as all the cats were lovely and needed love!

Still at Animal Services, looking a bit scruffy/bedraggled.

Finally I saw the saddest little speckled grey kitten in a cage, she would reach out with her paws and draw my hand to the bars. Sad kitten! She was very comfortable being held and played with my glasses/necklace. So she became one of my family. After the spaying and final shots I could pick her up at the end of the week.

She is sort of a dilute calico/tortoiseshell with patches of pale orange, grey, and white (much like my own haircolor haha). Her eyes are a vibrant copper and her fur is medium length. She looks like a rumpled chimney sweep or a mischievous Victorian moppet. With the cutest and hairiest toes I have ever seen!

Atticus was initially very moody and specifically mad at me about the new addition, but 3 days later they are both sleeping on my bed and playing “King of the Chair” like old friends. It’s great to see him active as he is a very playful/social cat and Smokey was always too old to frolic with him.

She is very good natured and chirpy, I think she will be very happy in our strange little family. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Family Addition

  1. That’s brilliant! It’s great that Atticus has a new friend to play with. Her furry feet are so cute! She’s gorgeous. Here’s wishing you all many happy years together.

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