Severed Limbs

It’s raining today so I am unable to take any photos of the new designs (my home studio is just not well lit enough to properly photograph clothing indoors). I did however venture to the nearby dollar store where they have started displaying their Halloween goodies!

These limbs don't cost an arm and a leg! *groan*

Including this wall FULL of bloodied severed limbs. Why they think they will sell this many limbs is beyond me. Is there really a market for so many legs in my area? I like the feet in bags, that’s classy, the sort of thing you want to bring as a housewarming gift. “Nice condo! Here’s an ankle!”.

The skull dude at the top seems pretty amazed by the disembodied parts also. :D!


4 thoughts on “Severed Limbs

  1. Haha, that’s awesome. I need to check out the local shops when I go home for the weekend too. I totally want to stock up on a bunch of Halloween stuff for my dorm room.

    1. There wasn’t much else apart from the limbs at the dollar store near me, which is disheartening. I want some tacky cheap candles dammit! 😀

  2. One can NEVER have too many severed body parts! I have a giant wrought iron bird cage and a fake vulture. Every Halloween, I put the vulture in the cage, wired to the perch, and scatter severed body parts on the newspapers in the bottom of the cage, along with copious amounts of fake blood. Since air pressure from opening the door makes the perch sway, younger trick-or-treaters invariably ask, “Is the bird real?”
    I answer, “Stick your fingers through the bars and find out!”
    That said, I think I will have to look at getting Sorrow in the unbleached – ‘twil do very nicely for a Steampunk base…

    1. Ha! I love that!!!! I sadly live in an apartment complex so no one trick or treats me 😦
      I do decorate for Halloween like a mad person come the 1st of September though!

      Oh! Yes it would make a good Steampunk base!

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