Contest Winners!

Our second Fan Art Contest went really well! I am so thrilled with all of the entries, it’s so amazing to see artwork inspired by our clothing (and such an ego boost)! Thank you to everyone who entered, you’ve amazed me with your creativity and talent! If you didn’t get a chance to enter this time we will be hosting more of these (and other contests) in the future.

The three winners have been chosen by the total of “Likes” on their artwork.

BEST IN SHOW! Carolyn’s gorgeous painting won our top prize with 84 “likes”!!! We love the fishnet details and the color pallete. She even included our bunny model!

ALMOST BEST IN SHOW! Tiffany won our second place with 65 “likes” on her beautiful drawing! We love the atmosphere in her piece.

NOT QUITE ALMOST BEST IN SHOW! Sabryna nabbed our third place prize with her exquisite artwork! We can’t stop looking at this amazingly detailled piece! Lovely!

Thank you to everyone who entered! All of the artwork will remain in the album so people can check it out, we’re also working on a new Fan Art section for our website to showcase the beautiful work you’ve created!

Winners will be emailled their gift certificate codes shortly. 🙂


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