Fan Art Contest Version 2.0!

Sabryna's entry to our original contest!

It’s that time again! Gloomth is hosting another awesome Fan Art Contest! In case you missed out on our first round, you can check out all the wicked entries right here! Facebook has since enacted some new rules regarding hosting contests on pages so we’re going to do most of it over here on the Gloomthzine.

We will still be picking the winners on our facebook page, so if you aren’t a “fan” of Gloomth over there now would be a great time to click Like! There won’t be any mention of the contest on facebook except as links to this blog. We will post an album containing the entries as they appear where you can click “Like” to vote for the ones you like best! The entries will also appear in a Fan Art section on our website/flickr/facebook.

The best way to win is to tell your friends to come and “Like” your work! The three entries with the most “Likes” will be the winners. So tweet, suggest, chirp, and bark and get your votes in!

WHEN: The contest opens tomorrow, Friday the 13th of May! Closes June 1st 2011.


BEST IN SHOW: Art Piece with the most Likes will receive a $150 gift certificate to the web catalogue.

ALMOST BEST IN SHOW: Art Piece with the second to most Likes will get a $75 gift certificate to the web catalogue.

NOT QUITE ALMOST BEST IN SHOW: Art Piece with the third most Likes
receives a $50 gift certificate to the web catalogue.

All entrants will also get a special discount code for the website. 🙂


1. Create a piece of visual art inspired by Gloomth! It must include a piece of
our clothing. Example: a drawing of someone wearing one of our dresses or
a photo of your cat wearing one of our mini top hats (or anything you can
think of- it just has to have an item from our catalogue shown in it). Take a look at our previous entries for inspiration.

*Entries submitted for the original contest will not be able to enter this one. New art only please!

It can be ANY medium! Including but not limited to: Crayon, photoshop,
paperdolls, blood, cheese, photography, cloth, ink- ANYTHING. You can
even make a Gloomth music video or silly youtube video and submit the link
as your art! Group entries are also accepted, but remember you only get the
one gift certificate if you win so be prepared to share!  

**Please no stories/poems/written submissions. This is a visual art contest.

**Please note you can only enter ONE time (once art submission per name,
per email/mailing address only)!

**If your art doesn’t have our clothing in it then it will be removed from the
contest. 😦


2. EMAIL us a JPEG of your submission! We will post it in the Fan Art Contest Album on Facebook which is where it will be entered into the voting! The earlier you send it the more time you have to get those votes in!
Send to:
Subject: Fan Art Contest

3. PROMOTE IT! Use the Suggest to Friends on Facebook to promote your
entry to your friends, tweet, post links online etc, the more people you get to “Like”
your piece the more likely it is that you’ll win!

Contest closes June 1st, 2011. Winners will be announced here on the Gloomthzine!

HOW TO VOTE: It’s super easy to vote on your favorite art! Just click “like”
on your favorite 3 submissions in the album! The ones with the most “likes”
will win the contest.  



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