Photos and Contest Results!

Karen, the talented singer of “Amy’s Arms” agreed to model for our group shoot last weekend! We couldn’t be more excited about the results. The first series we shot with her had a Visual Kei horror feel to it, loads of crosses and chains, and a tattered black lace veil. Decadent and eerie, and she pulls it off perfectly!

Karen is wearing our “Cotillion” Academy dress!


Recently we hosted a “Name the Gloomth Bunny” Contest! We had tons of fantastic entries, and it really was very difficult to choose the top 3 names for our long eared model. We have narrowed it down to three finalists and you can help us pick the best name for the rabbit by going onto our Facebook page and clicking “like” for the name you think best suits him!!!

The name with the most “likes” will win our top prize and the other two entries will get the other gift certificates (based on the number of “likes”).

The finalists (in no particular order) are:

-“Lutwidge” as suggested by Mina Hotchkiss

-“Vinegar” as suggested by Kitty

-“Lord Hoppington, Marquis de Sauter, First Bun to the Queen of Gloomthingdon” as suggested by KarenElizabeth

Vote For Your Favorite Name in our Official Facebook:!/pages/Gloomth-the-Cult-of-Melancholy/15315555530

Other notable names included Hatchet, Maximus, Faustus, and Prince Lapin! But really there were so many good names I could just copy/paste the whole list. Thank you to everyone who entered, that was a very fun contest! We are always working on little giveaways and contests on the Gloomthzine so do stick around.

The voting stage will go until this coming Friday, March the 4th. Winners will be announced on the following Monday. 🙂 So go vote and help get our prima donna bunny a name!!!


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