Woodedwoods Art Dolls

A long time ago Taeden  (that would be me) went to art school. While there she met a fantastic artist named Kamila, who was also studying illustration and was as bored as Tae- clearly much mischeif ensued. Kamila creates disturbing and magical art dolls and ornaments! Her line of hand made creepy children, vampires, Victorians, and sideshow peculiarities goes by the name of Woodedwoods and has quite the following! Each creation has it’s own background and tortured tale. You can see why we’re so enamoured of her strange and beautiful work!

The holidays are here and all that sparkle and cheer is just about enough to make you vomit, so we’re giving away one of Woodedwood’s “Festive Dead” ornaments to add some spooky to your tree this year!

Benjamina Gunn, whose daddy died at sea,
She vows to kill the scurvy mates that hung him from a tree.
Her tears flow full of blood,
her mind has flown away.
All she knows is murder, every night and day.

Original Festive Dead Ornament by Woodedwoods
…to deck your halls and trim your trees

WIN THIS ORNAMENT! Go check out Kamila’s series of sculptures and dolls on her website (click here) and then post a comment on this blog entry telling us which doll was your favorite! One entry per person/address. We will randomly choose a winner on Friday, Dec. 17th (announced here and on our facebook)!

Woodedwoods Etsy Shop- http://www.etsy.com/shop/woodedwoods


22 thoughts on “Woodedwoods Art Dolls

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! It is hard to pick just one favorite as one is creepier than the next. The detail in the faces and clothing is amazing! I love Edgar, Lucy, the pirate prince, The Turnpike lady, and that look in the Lady Ophelia’s eyes! Wonderful!

  2. What a tough choice! Absolutely gorgeous work. I think Lucy would have to be my choice. I love vampires ala Bram Stoker, and this piece is just a beautiful mix of dark loveliness. The ornament on this page is also adorable!

  3. Don’t know if I also can participate in this give away since I’m from far far away ;D
    But as one of Kamila’s biggest fans I want to say that Child of Frankenstein is my altime favorite.

  4. the difficulty in picking a favorite is that Kamila keeps making new ones! If you’re making me choose just ONE… The Cannibal Twins, The Executioner’s Daughter, the goat girl ornament, Child of Frankenstein (love the wall mounted idea) and I can’t wait to see the witch and the Ichabod Crane.

    Thank you for doing this, it was fun to go back and look at the last couple years of work for a second time. Congratulations to whomever wins Benjamina!

  5. I love, love, LOVE Kamila’s work – it’s all so fantastic! But if I had to choose just one I would say that the Executioner’s Daughter is my favorite. Creepy cool……

  6. I love Kamila’s dolls since I discovered them some time /years ago.

    Her artwork is stunning and sometimes for me a little bit to creepy and bloody ;o)

    I really love her Victorian style dolls – the costumes looks authentic and are very well investigated _the hats are incredible ;o)

    One of my absolutely favourite is the Sickly Victorian Girl.

  7. These dolls are absolutely lovely. As for choosing a favorite, I would have to choose by category. In terms of design I love Pregnant Pia the most. I really love heart shaped bonnets. In terms of story I like Sister Catalina the most. Her story seems like something lifted from the pages of the early morality plays. It is quite delightful! Finally in terms of ‘silly reason for liking something’ I would have to say that I like the white rabbit twins the most, I have a serious thing for the white rabbit and I collect figures and dolls based on the white rabbit as often as I can!

  8. I’ve followed Woodedwoods’ work ever since I first saw the disturbing but gorgeous Victorian Lace Mermaid. She was the first doll I saw and she remains my favourite. I’d love to have one of her ornaments to hang on my tree, but I’d like to wish everyone good luck as I’m sure Benjamina will look fab and be adored wherever she ends up.

  9. I looove kamila’s work and i hope i’ll get one of her dolls one day !!!^^
    My favorites are Wally Whyte and Helvetica, but i really apreciate all the other dolls !

  10. if I have to pick one it wold be The Cannibal Twins, or no wait, Arianna Arcos, errr. I can’t pick one, I just can’t!
    I am a long time fan of Kamila’s work and LOVE all her creations!
    talent is oozing out of her pores.
    monster wishes,

  11. The first woodedwood doll I saw was Henry and James, the siamese twins and I was amazed by this slightly creepy, but still kind of endearing look.
    Following Kamila´s work regularly it is hard for me to choose the one I adore the most.
    Finally I would say Iris the blind girl is my favourite. The expression of her hands is just stunning!

    Greetings from Germany!

  12. Girl in Mourning is my favorite so gothically charming and gloomy fashionable!

    “The Festive Dead”
    Xmas Ornament

    Eloise Blake, was taken to a wake to mourn her dear uncle’s passing…
    His poor wife was wailing as the menfolk were nailing the poet’s last
    resting place shut. Just exquisite and charming!

  13. “Wally Whyte”
    There’s just something about the knee patches and belt, not to mention the stance that promises a soon-to-be-spastic moment.

  14. So difficult to choose a favorite! I thought Lucy Westenra might win, but I’m going with Pieter Deadcliff. I love the inscription on the back of the postmortem portrait!

    I’m glad Kate, who commented above, told me about WoodedWoods and your blog 🙂

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