One of These Things is Not Like the Other.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is ACTUALLY ME.

I hate that I have to do this, both publically and at all. I’ve actually never had it happen before so this is sort of a new and exciting experience, though most people I know who work on the internet have had this occur. When it comes to being the hands operating the machine of Gloomth I prefer to stay safely behind my (velvet) curtain- but sometimes I have to step out and wave so people don’t think I’m dead (that or pretend to be me).

Me, Taeden Hall, the owner/designer/whatever for Gloomth does not have a public facebook profile. At all. End of story. Gloomth has one! I don’t. I have a private locked profile because I use it to keep up with my friends. Why aren’t I public? The internet is a vast forest littered with peculiar and untrustworthy species and I am wary about people knowing where I am etc. Safety first kids! It’s not that I hate our fans, or that I am some hideous troll hiding my deformity (okay that’d be pretty cool), or that I’m a snob. I’m just a private person. 🙂

If you’ve managed to track that profile down and sent me a request, chances are I ignored it. I know that’s bad internet manners and all of you are awesome people who I would love to get to know, but- again, I’m a nervous nellie. Sorry!

So let’s be clear here. This person:

With the “Taeden Gloom” profile (edited by facebook to Gloom from Gloomth when I asked them aeons ago to check up on the fake-ster, thanks for nothing facebook) IS NOT ME. NOPE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. So if she has added you or you “her”, just keep in mind it’s not actually ME. Don’t encourage crazy!

I am still a redhead. The photo above in the red sweater was taken on this past Tuesday in my bathroom (yeah I’m cool like that). That photo she has posted of me in the white lace top IS FROM THE GLOOMTH WEBSITE. Way to learn copy/paste, weirdo. Good job.

The ONLY email you will get any information on my company through is, none of our models formally represent our company in that way, and I only use one single email to respond or send order info or answer questions. Any other email sending you info on Gloomth is fraudulent.

Your best bet for keeping track of Gloomth and getting to know me is to add our fan page and check this blog. I update it personally every day and I’ll try to write stuff about myself here whenever I feel it relevant.

So, the question at this point is whether I make a Taeden public profile to represent myself as Gloomth? Is that necessary? Do you actually want to know any of my daily ramblings?


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