Academy Day Dress

We’re formally introducing some of our brand new St.Gloomth Academy designs in the ‘zine!

The Academy “Day” Dress is the darling pale alter ego of our “Library” Dress. Made of our gorgeous “antique” cotton it looks like something out of a Victorian novel. The “antique” cotton is raw unprocessed 100% cotton fabric, it has never been bleached or dyed- and has a lovely naturally warm color. The fabric has a vintage feel to it and breathes beautifully (can you tell how much we love it? heh).

The “Day” dress has tattered edges for a Fresh from the Grave feel, we can also make it with finished edges if you prefer. Front button closure, back zipper, and rows of cotton and organza ruffles down the front.

*Our model, CheshireCat, is wearing these (click here) vegan oxfords by T.U.K.!!!*


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