Gloomth hearts T.U.K Shoes!

Oh T.U.K Shoes, how you taunt Taeden with your wicked footwear! Honestly, my shoe-wardrobe has to be at least 75% TUK brand, it’s kind of embarassing. I just really dig their style.

So of course I just about pitched a fit (of joy) when they offered to send us shoes for the launch of our new line! Shortly after an enormous box full of footwear appeared at our doorstep, crammed full of TUK shoes for both our male and female models. Awesome!

Here are few of the T.U.K. styles featured in the photos for the new line!

We’ll be featuring their footwear when we spotlight some of the new designs in the coming weeks and it will be shown in a couple more photoshoots also! Everyone at the shoots was thrilled with their style and impressed by how comfortable the shoes were.

T.U.K. is also have a big American Thanksgiving Sale this weekend! Get 25% off all of their products at with this code: THANXTUK (Sale ends Monday).


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