Dressing for Fall

September First!!!!!!! Autumn is by far my favorite season and I am so excited that it’s finally September! All the excitement of back to school and falling leaves and Halloween!

Early fall can be such a tricky time to dress creatively. Some days it’s so hot it feels like a second summer and evenings can be really chilly, so it’s difficult to balance or know what to wear. So if you’re going straight from class or the office out for the evening it can be tricky, and who wants to carry an entire second outfit around all day? 

One thing for autumn that we love here at the ‘Cult are simple layers. Light jackets or shrugs that can be thrown over a t-shirt or tank top to add a little bit of warmth and dress up your casual day look.

Our “Noir” coat has been a staple in so many spooky autumn wardrobes. It’s fully lined and made of soft cotton twill so it’s heavy enough to be somewhat warm but is open at the front and laces closed so it isn’t too hot. This adjustable, versatile little coat looks fantastic with it’s matching “Calliope” bodice top and “Sable” skirt (for a Gothic look) or throw it over jeans and a t-shirt for a really unique casual style.

The “Noir” coat can easily be crept into a casual Friday or a little more forgiving office environment when paired with simple black trousers and a collared dress shirt and tidy heels. I like it with a little white or red dress shirt underneath for a pop of color. When evening comes just throw on some eyeliner in the bathroom, statement jewelry, and maybe lace gloves and you’re good.

Alison from velvetgarden.com is wearing our “Noir” coat over our “Gunmetal Sulphide” dress and her own line of jewelry called Velvet Mechanism!

How would *you* coordinate the “Noir” coat into your wardrobe for fall? Tell us in a comment and we’ll email you a 5% off coupon towards anything on our site to help develop your own autumn style!


14 thoughts on “Dressing for Fall

  1. I would wear the Noir coat either over a scoopneck white t-shirt and dark jeans on my way to class (I’m a graduate student), or, for a party, with a camisole, my bloomers, and grey tights. I love the look of the coat!

  2. Hey there. I’ve loved this jacket since I first saw it! I would definitely wear it with the gunmetal sulfide dress like the model because it looks amazing together. Also, I think it would look nice with the victorian style bustle skirts (long and short) I have as well as some black and white striped bloomers (all from retroscope fashions). For a more casual look I think a basic jewel tone shirt would look nice beneath the jacket. I would add a corset beneath and something with lace and ruffles for a more dressed up and club appropriate look! Hope yr doing great Taeden!

    P.S. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the comely belle dress since I’ve received the black one. I did wear the white one to a few summer events (4th of July folk bbq, summer skate at Wumpskate, and more) and was complimented on that one as well. Kudos to you and yr amazing styles!

  3. I would throw this coat over a striped Pirate Lolita dress, add some skull stockings and a tricorn hat with tons of feathers. Perhaps a cool pair of vintage boots.

  4. I love this coat! It is very versatile and great for any goth or gothic lolita girl! I would wear it with an overbust corset, long form fitting skirt, and lace opera gloves, or over a knee length Gothic Lolita dress and lace stockings!

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