Halloween Bloomers are BACK!

jackolantern halloween bloomers pumpkin rump gloomth


For us Halloween season begins today! August 1st marks the return of Gloomth’s annual Halloween themed “Pumpkin Rump” bloomers! Every year they reappear but only until October 31st.

Get yours while you can and happy almost Halloween!


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New “Meadow” Photoshoot!

meadow summer lolita photoshoot

Finally some super-summery photos! I’ve been dying to do some glowy sunset filled photos on this overgrown hill near me since I spotted it earlier this summer. Hexcelle and I set out last week and had a great time creating this little series.

meadow summer lolita outfit gloomthsummer lolita photo gloomth

Hexcelle is wearing our “Valance” dress in black with her own lavender blouse underneath. I added some vintage brooches and Angelic Pretty brand hair bows to echo the lavender through the outfit.

lolita model dandylion

You can see the entire summery series on our flickr! Heaps of gratitude to Hexcelle for braving a buggy park at dusk to help create these lovely photos. 🙂


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Fan Art Contest Reminder!

victorian mourning ephemera dress gloomth nicole ruin

Just a reminder of our FAN ART CONTEST currently happening! We’ve gotten a few entries and they’re all amazing! The winner not only gets included in our upcoming book but also gets a gift certificate towards any of our items! There are 3 prizes to be won so your chances of coming away from this contest with some loot are very good. 🙂


Vote for your favorite submission by liking/engaging with it in the facebook album!


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Gothic Victorian and Lolita Mini-Shoot Day!

gothic lolita nun church doors outfit

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about offering our Photoshoot Party experience scaled down for those looking for an option where they don’t have to commit to a dress or a makeover but can get a feel for what we do!

For them we are going to try out a new event idea!!!


What’s Included:

-A private photoshoot taking place within a real Victorian furnished museum home in Etobicoke, complete with lighting and props! Shot by a photographer who’s worked on dozens of shoots with alternative and unique themes (Taeden Hall).

-15 (minimum) finished/edited images in high resolution about 2 weeks after the shoot (usually faster but editing takes a fair amount of time). No watermarks will be on the images and you can download and post them anywhere you want!

We don’t do a ton of heavy editing, your photos will look very similar to these:


-Professional and highly experienced model coach to encourage you to feel your best in the photos and get the most out of your poses! She’ll work with you to find the most flattering and dynamic poses to make your outfit come alive.

-Gloomth goody bag with treats and a coupon towards our website!

ONLY $95! 

You simply arrive in your favorite outfit and makeup ready to model! Please arrive fully dressed/made-up as we only have a little block of time reserved in the space and we can’t go overtime.

You can change into your outfit at the venue if need be, there are bathrooms for that.

Yes, you are welcome to bring a reasonably sized prop or two (this is a museum, do not bring some giant plastic sword or something that could damage the antiques, no pets please).

If you are under 18 a parent/guardian must accompany you to the event and stay through the duration. They will need to sign your model release. No exceptions!

All participants must sign a basic release since the images will appear on our flickr.

Yes, the venue is air conditioned!

Each participant will get approximately 30 minutes of dedicated photo-time with our coach and photographer. We’ll use two of the rooms in the venue so you’ll get an array of photos with different settings. These are great for modeling portfolios, or just to celebrate your favorite outfit! We promise a fun, inclusive atmosphere- as always!

*If you book with a friend we will take photos of you together as part of your 30 minutes if you’d like!*

You can download the photos directly from the flickr album in whatever resolution you need about 2 weeks after the event. We’ll let you know when they’re posted!

Themes: We encourage participants to come in Victorian, Lolita, Vintage, or Gothic inspired ensembles with this beautiful environment but we welcome any aesthetic you enjoy! Wear what makes you feel gorgeous and you’d like photos in! 1 outfit per participant (there is sadly not enough time for outfit/makeup changes).

We are only taking 4 participants for this session since it’s a new event for us!


How to book: Just send me an email at taeden@gloomth.com to reserve your spot. The cost is $95 CAD (payable by email bank transfer or via paypal if marked as a “gift/send to friend” payment only, hst is included).

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4 Dresses on Flash Sale! EXTENDED!

gothic summer outfit

We’re having a little sale this week over on Gloomth! We’re in the midst of working on a new collection and planning some other exciting things for the fall, the more dresses we sell during the sale the more we can do this fall! 🙂

So we’re offering four of our most popular dress designs at a super discounted price!!!!!!

Get our standard sized “Valance” jumperskirt, “Tuxedo” dress, “Odette” dress, or “Mourning Glory” jumperskirt for only $100 each!!!!!!!!!! In the case of our Odette and Valance designs this is a huge savings! We aren’t offering this deal on tailored versions of these designs this time. 🙂

*If you would like a specific color other than black or black/cream please put that note in the comments field at checkout for us!

Buy the discounted dresses here on the Deal of the Month Page only! No code required (cannot be combined with other coupons/discount codes). You can grab as many as you like through the deal page!

We also won’t name any design names but a couple of these styles are next on our re-do list so they will be disappearing shortly. Now’s your chance!

Sale is only on from Thurs, July 14th to Wednesday, July 19th!!!! MONDAY JULY 24TH!!!!!!!!


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1950s Canadian Summer Fashion and Life

1950s bathing suit canada

Gloomth is not synonymous with 1950s style but we do take inspiration from a variety of eras when designing! I found these photos while rummaging through the Canadian National Archives recently (wow that makes me sound super boring) and thought they were really lovely. The also capture the perfect Summer Mood I think!

They’re all from the 1950s in Canada. 🙂

1952 canada fashion

1956 canada family on picnic

This antler-reading-nook lady is so my patron saint. Just hanging out reading the paper among an array of scary looking moose and deer antlers…..Even her bench has antlers!

older woman reading the paper 1956 canada surrounded in antlers

1956 canada parade float

This parade float is absolutely dreamy. What I like best about the photos I find from the 1950s are the pastel hues that are so garish they’re almost revolting. Everything is frosted seeming.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! 🙂


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We Are The Weirdos, Mister (Photoshoot!)

the craft bonnie makeup outfit photoshoot gloomth altmodel

Creating a photoshoot inspired by the film “The Craft” has been on my to-do list for years! Here at the ‘Cult that film is sacred, the themes of gaining control as a young woman over the world around you and the oppressive forces you experience for simply being born female are very familiar. “We are the weirdos” embodies exactly who we are as a label, mistfits among misfits and gloriously so. Also we cannot get enough of the 90’s witch girl aesthetic. 😉

So I finally got to tackle this theme with models Em and Sandra Von Ruin! We had tons of fun creating this series and I really think both models captured the magic of being a “teen witch”.

the craft nancy makeup outfit photoshootthe craft teen witch photoshoot school

For the styling in this shoot I wanted to keep the models’ outfits monochromatic. The sharp contrast of white and black worked beautifully against the old brick of a nearby school and with the models’ styles.

the craft makeup bonnie gloomth outfit photoshoot

Sandra created her fearsome Nancy inspired makeup look and I kept Em’s makeup a little more simple for her Bonnie inspired feel. Sandra wore our “Nautical” dress and Em wore our “Anise” dress.

For the photos themselves I wanted the final edits to have a 1990s alternative feel. Simple colors, not heaps of processing, and lots of grain.

the craft bonnie teen witch outfit gloomththe craft inspired photoshoot gloomth

There are tons more photos from this series in the flickr album!

Thank you to both models for helping me create this awesome shoot! It was such a great day and I can’t wait to build more worlds with you both. 🙂


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