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We’re doing a final inventory of the fabrics in our studio and trying to use up shades before we close the current studio and move to our new space! So here is our current list of fabric options, all of these can be incorporated into any of our current designs, if you don’t see it listed as an option at checkout just email me or put it in the comments field at checkout on our site or etsy!

(here are some pictured below):


Paris Green (shown above)- I absolutely loved this fabric when we got it in and it was for a limited edition version of our “Verdant” dress (also shown above). We don’t have the black lace fabric anymore but this shade of green looks incredible with black, so would look great as our “Tuxedo” dress or even as a “Valance” style!

Very Dark Purple- Curiously we have enough for maybe two dresses of any size in this nice classic purple cotton (shown on far left of the photo above). Was ordered originally for a stage production we were dressing. Finished!

gloomth gothic fashion lifestyle blog

Dove Grey (shown above)- We have a fair amount of this fabric left.

Black and Dark Navy Blue, lots of both of those left.

Image result for gloomth blue floral

Blue Floral- 100% cotton with a blue and green floral motif. Lots of this left!

Image result for gloomth damask

Damask- Lots of this 100% cotton with a light mocha and white damask throughout!


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Farewell to Gloomth’s Haunted Circus

This week we finished our last bolt of striped fabric from the “Haunted Circus” collection and since we move to the new production system in less than a month we won’t be re-ordering any during that time. Deleting the sales code for those items off the Gloomth site was a surprisingly emotional experience for me and I thought it would be good to write about it here, maybe more for myself than anything.

Our “Haunted Circus” collection will always hold an important place in Gloomth’s history. It was the first really successful themed collection we created. We also began to come of age as a label with it I feel. I built a backdrop for the launch shoot I am still proud of and we set it up in a big field near my apartment and spent the afternoon taking photos and goofing off. It was one of those days where there’s a heat-shimmer of magic over everything. Our models were perfectly Gloomth, climbing trees and picking up bugs and talking about gross things the entire time. I made art with my friends for a whole day.

The video captures the electricity of the day so well, it also has the hands of everyone involved in that shoot on it. David Keyes who filmed it, Russel Hall our photographer, our models- Fine Lines, CheshireCat, Nymeria.

So much of the process of taking this next step evolution for Gloomth has been very emotional for me, and I’ll write more on that when it’s all finished (don’t want to curse anything so early, heh). I am so hopeful about the future and working my proverbial ass off to set things up for the new system to be a success.

The “Haunted Circus” original collection may be discontinued but the spirit of that line will be reimagined in future designs and will always be a part of our aesthetic story.

Thanks for being a part of that too.

(You can see the entire collection shoot on flickr)


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antique praying doll photoshoot outfit editorial gloomth

You have a little less than ONE MONTH to place an order for anything on our site currently as well as custom sized designs!!!!!! To celebrate the upcoming launch of our first collection of in-stock styles we’re throwing a sale.

Get 20% off your total order (not including shipping) with the code: HEART

Get shopping!

Valid Feb12th to 19th. Valid on any order over $75. Valid worldwide on as many orders as you like on Can’t be used with any of our other offers/codes. Questions? Email us.


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New “Cat Lady” Photoshoot!

plus size kawaii fashion gloomth toronto

Our first photoshoot of 2018!!!!!! It’s been a slow start getting back to shoots this year with all the things happening with our transition to the new manufacturer etc.

Our first shoot is a fun colorful one with Renee!

plus size kawaii fashion gloomth toronto

This time of year is so grey and drab it felt really great to create something vibrant and fun! Renee is modeling our “Vintage Toys” dress with a vintage pink peignoir, vintage gloves, and a vintage tissue box cover as a hat. 😛

vintage toys print plus size skater dress gloomth canada

You can see the whole series on flickr here.

Thank you to Renee for modeling for me!!!!!!


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Revisiting Classic Gloomth Photoshoots

cheshire cat gloomth white rabbit alice in wonderland

Since we are relaunching our collection later this spring I thought a fun project this year would be revisiting some of our favorite shoots from over the years! Amazing to think we’ve been making weird art for over 10 years now and we certainly have a sea of photoshoots to show for it!

I began styling and art directing shoots heavily in about 2008, it’s something I’ve always loved doing for Gloomth. As the label grew I took on more parts of the process and now act as photographer for almost all of our shoots.

Looking back at our early work is admittedly a little cringe-inducing. I wish I’d taken up photography earlier and some of my styling choices are kind of well, bad. 😛  But we all have to start somewhere!!!!

So to make this an interactive process vote below on which of these classic Gloomth shoots you’d like to see me revisit first! I’ll get to them as soon as I can, and it’ll be fun to compare the original images with the new ones. You can also suggest other shoots of ours, you can see our entire list of shoots on flickr here!

Here are the ones mentioned in the poll in case you need a reminder:

“Harajuku Bunny”- CheshireCat’s first ever Gloomth shoot with us! – A colorful take on Alice in Wonderland in a lovely park setting.



“Fancy Wrapping Paper”– I loved the concept of this shoot but it was shot before I began working as a photographer and the end result was just kind of lackluster (sorry sorry don’t @ me).

Fancy Wrapping Paper


“Winter Fawns”– this is a JOKE there is no way I am redoing this shoot. Yes, we did fawn makeup long before snapchat did. Snapchat, where my royalty cheques at? (also a joke).

Winter Fawns


“Dark Dream”– I’d love to explore Shironuri makeup and styling some more, even though it seems to have drifted from the alt-fashion consciousness lately.

A Dark Dream
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March 18th- Next Photoshoot Party

gothic lolita iron gate photoshoot

Our next Photoshoot Party is March 18th in Toronto! This will be the last one at which we offer custom sized clothing included in the price for a little while. 🙂

All details on facebook!


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Gloomth Evolution

taeden hall toronto artist designer

As you may know 2017 was rough for us, family illnesses, delays, supplier hassles. We worked extra hard to manage our ever growing audience (thank you so much!!!!!) but as a smaller family run (by misfits) brand you can’t always be ready for the unplanned emergencies that inevitably happen. Gloomth has grown to the point where it has gotten difficult for me to have the hours to spend on the things that are the most inspiring for the label, but not quite large enough to hire more folks to do all of the less fun aspects like admin, production and such like (also I am a scary control freak).

So I had to make some choices.

In 2017 we announced our current production manager of nearly ten years would be retiring; after some health scares in her own family it was time for her to focus on her loved ones. We’re so sad to see her go, but we’ll always be family—weirdly united by this strange world we’ve built together. With her leaving our production space closes also. In preparation I interviewed replacements, I thought about opening another studio of our own, I weighed so many options in that regard— all seemed to just not be right for what I wanted for myself and for the future of Gloomth. I wanted to get back to the core of what and why I love doing what I do so much. Gloomth is the thing that drives me, I’ve built my life around this label, we’re no longer some scruffy teenager picking fights and getting into trouble, we are almost an adult now and it’s time for a huge a change:

It’s 100% official! GLOOMTH IS GOING INTO PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll have more detals to share closer to the start date, but I wanted to give everyone as much lead time to the transition as I possibly can. Starting later this spring Gloomth is going to be manufacturing our designs in lots, as in everything we carry will ship *FROM STOCK*. No waiting for production, no delays. We’ll be able to ship orders within 24 hours, meaning you get your clothes faster and we can spend more time doing the things we love like creating shoots, making tutorials, crafting accessories, throwing events, having workshops and all the things that make helming this misfit Gloomth Universe the most favorite part of my life.

And along with a faster turn around time I should mention we will be expanding our basic size range to include more standard plus sizes, our fabrics will be improving, and so much more! I will go into detail closer to the launch date.

What it means for now is that you have until March 10th to purchase any of the designs currently on our site and/or order something custom. We won’t be offering custom sizing initially (I’m hoping to sort out our atelier service by the end of this year for custom orders and minor alterations) so if you want something made just for you-> now is your chance. I can’t guarantee all of the designs you love will be available after March 10th (I do promise when we relaunch our style will be just as unique and awesome as it is now, don’t worry we aren’t turning into Old Navy).

In order to be able to go with a manufacturer we’ve had to cut our collection down significantly to start with (we’ll be expanding the range as we grow accustomed to the new process), which is why we’re giving you lots of lead time so you don’t miss out on any of our current designs.

I’ve talked at you enough for today, more on all of this soon! Now back to making art! And remember March 10th! March 10th!

(Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, and inspiring us. I hope you’ll stick with us through this new evolution because we have some very big things in store!)

Also I’m happy to try and answer any reasonable questions about this process and the upcoming changes! Feel free to email me or comment below with your questions.




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