New “Glitter Sunset” Photoshoot!

kawaii goth doll fashion by gloomth

Here’s a riot of color to make up for all of the dark photoshoots we’ve been creating lately! This shoot was a lot of fun to create and we even have some funny behind the scenes stories for you.

kawaii goth doll fashion by gloomthkawaii goth doll fashion by gloomth

Paige Marina attended one of our Photoshoot Parties last year and had written to me ages ago about modeling for the site as well, so we finally got together to make this fun mini-shoot. I was unfortunately full of sinus cold but the resulting photos are still pretty fun I think!

I wanted to show our “Valance” dress worked into a different style of outfit, something a little more lolita or kawaii influenced than the usual Victorian gothic styles I lean towards when styling for the website. I kept it simple (as it was still pretty hot outside) with pastel pink and white accessories, wrist cuffs, and Paige’s own purple platforms. This would be a super easy outfit to recreate with your own favorite colors at home.

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

We shot in the graffiti park near me (which you maybe recognize from a bunch of other shoots I’ve done) and all the colors created a stunning backdrop!

gloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canadagloomth kawaii doll goth fashion toronto canada

I shoot a lot of our mini photoshoots just out in my neighborhood. I’m a big fan of exploring every alley or side street looking for unique backdrops to use in photos or strange environments that’d be fun to have a model in. I live in Little India in Toronto surrounded by a thriving South Asian community of stores and restaurants, which I love. While shooting on the street the owner of a popular South Asian bridal store practically dragged us inside to do photos in his stunning shop! He even posed for a few with Paige! I’d so love to shoot a fusion of our style with his gorgeous outfits someday (hint hint).

chandan bridal little india gloomth


Check out Chandan’s gorgeous bridal photos on instagram!

More photos from this shoot are on our flickr:

Heaps of thanks to Paige and Chandan for making this shoot so fun!!!


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Changes to Our Upcoming Tea Party

ghost bride outfit photoshoot editorial gloomth

We had more demand for our Tea & Shopping party than we expected (thanks everyone!) so we have decided to make some changes in order for more folks to come and celebrate the launch of our new collection with us!

Saturday, November 10th 7-10pm we will be celebrating the new line and sharing tea/snacks with you in a gorgeous art gallery and coffee house environment!

Location: The Flying Pony Cafe and Gallery. 1481 Gerrard St East.

Dress code is not enforced but we encourage you to get creative, and we’ll be hosting outfit contests and more all night! This event is all ages and we will not be serving alcohol. It’s a great chance to shop the new line in CAD, as well as accessories and creations by our friends and models!



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Gloomth Halloween Photoshoots

halloween bloomers pumpkin rump gloomth

We love creating new and fun Halloween themed shoots every year here and we have tons for 2018 underway already! Here’s a look back at a Halloween shoot from almost every year Gloomth has existed (missing one from 2007). Hopefully these will inspire your seasonal outfits or at least get you excited for the best time of the year! 😉

If you’d like to explore any of these albums just click the links there to see them in entirety on flickr!

Terrible Tea Party” 2008 – Our first ever narrative photoshoot that really has sort of set the tone for what Gloomth Girls embody. Also we cut up a teddybear and smashed dishes with a hammer.


pumpkinhead jackolantern gothic halloween photoshoot gloomthpumpkinhead jackolantern gothic halloween photoshoot gloomth

“Pumpkinhead” 2009 – Photos from this shoot have ended up in illustrations and recreated dozens of times, it’s pretty awesome to see! Yes, that’s a real pumpkin. Yes, it was super heavy.


vampire photoshoot gloomth


Vampiress” 2010 – Part of a day long shoot at a rented location! I created about six different themes which we shot in various locations around the venue. Exhausting but we ended up with tons of great shots from the day.

guro fashion by gloomth

Medic” 2011 – Again with the bandages.


gothic halloween photoshoot with pink hair model and black and white lolita dress

The Halloween Party” 2012 – A darling group shoot taken by none other than the House of Pomegranates.


gothic witch pumpkin patch photoshoot by gloomth

The Pumpkin Patch” 2013 – One of my all time favorite Gloomth shoot experiences!


ghost outfit by gloomth photoshoot taeden hall

Spirit Photograhy” 2013 (yes yes, 2 for 2013)- This is a lesser known Gloomth shoot but one of my favorite styling projects. I wrote love letters on strips of cotton and tied them all over our model along with all sorts of other tatters.


cute gothic lolita halloween witch outfit by gloomth

Candy Witch” 2014 – A super cute lolita inspired Halloween shoot!


lolita model in autumn leaves gloomth vanessa walsh taeden hall

Autumn Colors” 2015 – My first shoot with Vanessa Walsh and one of my first acting as Gloomth photographer!


pumpkinhead mask jack o lantern girl gloomth

Pumpkin Girl” 2016 – Revisiting the Halloween girl-with-a-pumpkinhead theme. 😉


october bride with white pumpkin gothic fashion gloomth

“October Bride” 2017 – A haunted forest photoshoot with the longest vintage wedding veil ever…

We won’t include 2018 quite yet as I have a whole month of Halloween themed shoots ahead!!! 🙂


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October Sample Sale!

We have a few more discontinued or simply in-stock items ready to go! I thought we’d list them here. If you would like any of these please just send me an email-

Prices listed are in USD, shipping worldwide is $10, and we’re happy to combine shipping!

halloween bloomers kawaii witch gloomth

Jack o Lantern Bloomers- Size Large- We missed the manufacturing deadline to have these back this season but they will be back next year. We have ONE pair in size large (exactly as shown). Fits a waist up to 38″ but works on smaller sizes really nicely too. $50. 

the craft bonnie teen witch outfit gloomth

Anise Dress – Size Small – Exactly as shown. Has been worn for a couple of photoshoots. Fits a bust of about 34″ and waist of 28″. $45

medical theme kawaii skater skirt gloomth

Lotus Blouse- Small – Exactly as shown, has been worn in a couple shoots but is flawless. Fits a bust up to 34″, waist of 26″. $45.

kawaii raver clown onesie gloomth toronto

Clara Romper – Size Small – Exactly as shown! Fits a bust of 34-36″, waist up to 28″. $75

gurokawa outfit fashion gloomth

Doll Hospital Dress – Size Medium- Fits a bust up to 37-38″, Waist up to 32″ super stretchy. $55

gothic nurse outfit

Nurse Dress– Size Small – Exactly as shown. Fits a bust up to 36″ waist up to 28″. $50

All of these items are in stock and ready to ship! First to pay gets the item, no holds sorry!


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Collection Update!

It’s happening!!!!!!!!!!! Our first run of stock items are on their way to us from our new manufacturer. Photo above is them boxed up for shipment!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s placed a pre-order or shared our new photoshoot images or cheered us on! This transition is a huge step for us and very unnerving but it will allow Gloomth to grow and expand in ways we couldn’t previously. It means the world to me that you are supportive and excited by what we do! THANK YOU.

We will announce the day the items arrive and will begin shipping the pre-orders asap! Right now it’s looking like we should have them by October 12th on schedule.

You might notice there are some unlisted colors there! 😉 Some of the new designs are indeed going to be offered in other limited edition shades.


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Every Day is Halloween Print Dress!

retro halloween print plus size dress gloomth

It’s finally officially autumn!!!!!!!! Time for velvet and layers and orange and black everything!

Our “Every Day is Halloween” skater dress makes an ideal base to lots of Halloween themed looks! Layer it over lace tops with a small petticoat for a fancy Halloween season style, or wear it casually with over the knee socks and a cardigan.

halloween print skater dress by gloomth

It’s available in sizes XS-5XL and if you’d like it with sleeves just send us a note, we have lots of options to make this dress your own.

Grab yours today! You have til October 5th to order yours to have it in time for the 31st!


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New “The Goths” Photoshoot!

gothic fashion models toronto canada gloomth

My favorite way to spend a Friday night is creating photos with my friends! This shoot is inspired by the idea of alternative cliques, the outcasts and misfits banding together to create community and inspire one another. “The Goths” at their own lunch table in school, supporting one another and embracing the same strange aspects of life.

gothic victorian dress by gloomth

velvet gothic lolita outfit by gloomth in toronto canada

When I first moved to Toronto at age 18 one of my goals was to “Make Goth Friends”. I was very deep into that scene at the time (as much as anyone who has dial up internet and lives in a very small shitty town can be) and just so badly wanted to meet other spooky folks. My first university friend (and eventual university room mate) was someone I spotted wearing black during school orientation and peppered with questions about whether she “liked vampires too”.

gothic fashion photoshoot editorial gloomth toronto canada

victorian mourning dress gloomth

gothic plague doctor photoshoot editorial

So this shoot is celebrating “goth friends”, of finding your community and people- even if you don’t visually identify with it 24/7 anymore.

gothic nurse with syringe

gothic plague doctor photoshoot editorial

The incredible plague doctor mask you see in some of the photos was made/modeled by Giggles. The lantern and syringe were 3D printed by Kat Mung Ling! Hexcelle is wearing our “October” dress, Giggles our “Victoria“, and Kat Mung Ling is wearing our “Valance” dress.

Thank you to everyone that day who made this shoot so much fun to be a part of!

You can see the entire series on our flickr!


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