March 18th- Next Photoshoot Party

gothic lolita iron gate photoshoot

Our next Photoshoot Party is March 18th in Toronto! This will be the last one at which we offer custom sized clothing included in the price for a little while. 🙂

All details on facebook!


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Gloomth Evolution

taeden hall toronto artist designer

As you may know 2017 was rough for us, family illnesses, delays, supplier hassles. We worked extra hard to manage our ever growing audience (thank you so much!!!!!) but as a smaller family run (by misfits) brand you can’t always be ready for the unplanned emergencies that inevitably happen. Gloomth has grown to the point where it has gotten difficult for me to have the hours to spend on the things that are the most inspiring for the label, but not quite large enough to hire more folks to do all of the less fun aspects like admin, production and such like (also I am a scary control freak).

So I had to make some choices.

In 2017 we announced our current production manager of nearly ten years would be retiring; after some health scares in her own family it was time for her to focus on her loved ones. We’re so sad to see her go, but we’ll always be family—weirdly united by this strange world we’ve built together. With her leaving our production space closes also. In preparation I interviewed replacements, I thought about opening another studio of our own, I weighed so many options in that regard— all seemed to just not be right for what I wanted for myself and for the future of Gloomth. I wanted to get back to the core of what and why I love doing what I do so much. Gloomth is the thing that drives me, I’ve built my life around this label, we’re no longer some scruffy teenager picking fights and getting into trouble, we are almost an adult now and it’s time for a huge a change:

It’s 100% official! GLOOMTH IS GOING INTO PRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll have more detals to share closer to the start date, but I wanted to give everyone as much lead time to the transition as I possibly can. Starting later this spring Gloomth is going to be manufacturing our designs in lots, as in everything we carry will ship *FROM STOCK*. No waiting for production, no delays. We’ll be able to ship orders within 24 hours, meaning you get your clothes faster and we can spend more time doing the things we love like creating shoots, making tutorials, crafting accessories, throwing events, having workshops and all the things that make helming this misfit Gloomth Universe the most favorite part of my life.

And along with a faster turn around time I should mention we will be expanding our basic size range to include more standard plus sizes, our fabrics will be improving, and so much more! I will go into detail closer to the launch date.

What it means for now is that you have until March 10th to purchase any of the designs currently on our site and/or order something custom. We won’t be offering custom sizing initially (I’m hoping to sort out our atelier service by the end of this year for custom orders and minor alterations) so if you want something made just for you-> now is your chance. I can’t guarantee all of the designs you love will be available after March 10th (I do promise when we relaunch our style will be just as unique and awesome as it is now, don’t worry we aren’t turning into Old Navy).

In order to be able to go with a manufacturer we’ve had to cut our collection down significantly to start with (we’ll be expanding the range as we grow accustomed to the new process), which is why we’re giving you lots of lead time so you don’t miss out on any of our current designs.

I’ve talked at you enough for today, more on all of this soon! Now back to making art! And remember March 10th! March 10th!

(Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, and inspiring us. I hope you’ll stick with us through this new evolution because we have some very big things in store!)

Also I’m happy to try and answer any reasonable questions about this process and the upcoming changes! Feel free to email me or comment below with your questions.




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Gloomth x Fruits Magazine the end

kawaii raver clown onesie gloomth toronto

Gloomth is thrilled to announce we will be part of the “Fruits Magazine the end” gallery show in Toronto! The show is free to attend and we’ll be there in person on two different evenings and we’d love to meet you.

Gloomth will have a window installation throughout the show right there in Kensington Market. See a little piece of our world in person until January 28th! Kensington Market is a vibrant, creative hub of our city and we’re so excited to have a little part of ourselves there during this exhibit.

“FRUITS magazine highlighted the creative expression of disenfranchised, rebellious youths that display their ideologies, affiliations and identities through their clothes. A celebration of liberation and creativity. Which later was to become the Harajuku style. Introducing the world to Harajuku’s street culture.

In 2017, Shoichi Aoki announced that he would be shutting down all his magazines FRUITS, STREET and TUNE. Due to the rise of disposable fashion and chains of retailers such as UNIQLO, H&M etc. combined with economical conditions, resulted in the decline of creativity and inspiration seen on the streets globally. 

Shoichi Aoki has captured the many styles that pass on the streets of Tokyo for the last twenty years. His photographs document the evolution of Tokyo street fashion, and his images have been published in the book FRUITS (2001 PHADION) which sent shockwaves around the globe!

As Aoki says, “My interest in fashion stems from the way people express themselves through the clothes they wear. It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes individual designers make. What is important is one’s thoughts and abilities to express them, one’s life and its relationship to the environment. When such elements are combined, they create a sculpture. This sculpture I call street fashion.”

This Friday January 19th the opening reception happens. Taeden, Hexcelle, and Karen will be there representing Gloomth and being our regular spectacle selves so please come say hi.

We’ll also be present at the closing party on January 26th! More details on that soon!

Event Info on Facebook-


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Happy New Year!

My goodness it’s 2018! Happy new year! The last year flew by at such an alarming rate. I’ve been a bit quiet on this blog the last couple months, there are some big things forming for Gloomth and I’m working on our new website redesign, and lots more. 🙂 So please be patient with me as I’ll be posting HEAPS of cool stuff very soon!

In the meantime we have an amazing video kindly made by Tyrone Islington Photography of our 10th Anniversary Party this past fall. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who attended and made the day so magical!


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Holiday Reminder!

the craft bonnie makeup outfit photoshoot gloomth altmodel

We’re winding down the year here at the ‘Cult and packing up the last orders of 2017! We’ve got lots coming for 2018 but in the meantime we’re going to be taking a much deserved holiday.

Gloomth will be closed from Dec 22nd until January 3rd. We may respond to emails during this time, but it will be less quickly than our usual speed. Nothing will be made or shipped during this time whatsoever, any exchanges etc will be handled in the new year.

Things will be slowing down from now til the 22nd so please be patient with us, we need a break just like you do this time of year.

Thank you for your support this year and we hope to hit the ground running in 2018 with all sorts of exciting things! 🙂


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One of a Kind and Sample Sale

meryle trouble gloomth toronto

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration we threw a big party this past weekend and had a bunch of designer samples and one off’s for sale at super discounted prices! I know not all of our fans could make it out to the Toronto event so we’re putting the rest of these items up for sale here (anything that doesn’t sell will get listed on etsy eventually at higher prices).

So if you see something below you’d like send us an email at First to pay gets the item! Shipping is $10 flat rate worldwide ($2 for each additional item). Prices here are listed in USD. All of these items are in stock ready to ship.

All of these items are either discontinued samples or one off’s so they’re only available in the sizes listed there. 🙂

scary clown print dress by gloomth

XL- Sleeveless Clown Dress Sample- Just like our usual clown print dress but a sleeveless version. $45

gloomth and alchemy of england rooftop

Small- Seance Dress- Original sample for this dress, fits a 34″ bust and 26-28″ waist. $50 SOLD

Large- Halloween print dress. Just as shown but size large. $45

gothic fashion gloomth

Small/Medium- Lucy dress one off, has the velvet front lacing but has satin ribbon details at the sleeves instead of velvet. Same length as shown. Never worn. Fits a bust up to 37″. $50. SOLD

retro space scifi photoshoot editorial space-helmet

Small/medium- Heart romper. Original sample, exactly as shown above. Fits a bust of 34-36″, waist up to 28″. $65

Medium- Clown skirt, has an elastic waist that will fit up to 35″ (hips up to 38″). Never worn, not going to be selling this style on the site. $38

Large- Halloween skater style skirt, again not a style we’re going to be selling so this is one of a kind. Fits a waist of up to 38″, hips up to 41″. $38 SOLD OUT

Small- Medical skater style skirt. Again, not gonna be selling this style. Fits a waist up to 28-30″, hips up to 36″. $38 SOLD

If you would like any of these items please let us know and we’ll send you an invoice via paypal you can pay by credit card or by paypal. 🙂


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GLOOMTH BOOK! “10 Years of Monsters & Misfits”

gloomth book 10 years monsters misfits taeden hall toronto

WE WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This project has been underway for basically all of 2017. It’s Gloomth’s 10th anniversary this year and when I started making stuff and selling it online originally I had no idea it’d blossom into this. It’s taken over my life in all the best ways and I am so thrilled to get to continue on making weird art and sharing it with other weirdos around the world. 🙂

So we wrote a book. It’s sort of a scrap book. I wrote a backbone of text for it with stories about how we started, funny mishaps, stuff that went wrong, etc- basically all the ups and downs of running a business on a shoestring as a 20-something. Behind the scenes memories from photoshoots and press experiences, everything.

And it’s got this cool collage style layout full of unique photos, artwork, textures and more! We even have art by our models and friends in there.

It’s a great way to celebrate our anniversary and to acknowledge everything that’s gone into making this happen. Thank you for supporting us, for even just sharing our photos or reading our blog. We hope you love this book and we can’t wait to make more art!!!!!

And thank you to the House of Pomegranates for helping me turn my weird idea for a collage book into a reality. I’ve got more of these in the works, so it was a great first step towards making those real!!!

I’ll post some photos of the inside of the book after we launch it at our PARTY THIS WEEKEND (you’re totally invited, fyi)!

Available worldwide via Amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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