Revisiting our Past

I reorganized my home office this week in an effort to prepare for the influx of stock clothing that’ll be appearing soon (and will need to be stored here for the foreseeable future). I found quite a few odds and ends that reminded me of periods of Gloomth’s existence these last 10 years. I thought I’d share a few here today with you for amusement’s sake.

gloomth flyer collection

First we have some flyers! The one on the left is from our Halloween Party hosted at a real candy shop, it poured rain and maybe 10 people came, we had fun anyway. Middle one is a flyer-coupon we did for our first ever Tea Party and features one of my drawings. And on the right is a very old flyer with CheshireCat on it and a coupon code STAPLED to it with a tiny slip of paper (um, punk rock?).

old gloomth photos

At one point we printed a bunch of shots from our photoshoots at the time for a booklet to set out at shows for people to look through. I found these extra copies buried in a drawer. Kuroihitomi!!!! Our first swimsuit collection, shots taken in the living room of the house I lived in when I started Gloomth, and a shot from our first ever photoshoot with a narrative! These were all long before I became the Gloomth photographer, I sure wish I’d started that journey way earlier (for so many reasons).

I’ll post more little glimpses into my life with Gloomth as I do more sorting. 🙂


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A Peculiar Feeling

gothic princess makeup outfit

Today I deleted the shop tags from our main website so the items from our current collection won’t be “shop-able” anymore. We’re still preparing for the launch of our first stock collection, it is an arduous and intense process- made all the more so by how strangely emotional the experience is. I am so incredibly grateful to have the support and encouragement to take this next step, thank you for that!

So today I deleted shop tags off our internal server thingy and felt wistful. I started Gloomth with zero knowledge of coding past some basic html from various personal projects. I remember spending 3 whole hours being instructed over the phone from the most patience customer service rep at Yahoo ever how to make shop tags, how to build our forever wonky and delightful website. We have come a long way!

Later this week I’ll launch our brand spanking new fancy website, which I’ve been working on since last fall (we’d originally hoped to launch the new system for the start of 2018, if that gives you an idea of the delays and labor involved in this transition). For a little while we’ll only have our print designs available and accessories, while I get the last new design samples confirmed and tagged and photographed and measured etc.

We’re planning to launch the first little range of designs all at once, so we’ll be waiting for them to all be set and ready and in my hot hands at once. I’ll surely post a timeline the moment I feel I have a proper one. 🙂

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. We’ll be relaunching this blog too with lots more content and exciting things so it’ll remain quiet til the collection is prepared too!

THANK YOU for sticking with me through this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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colorful monster tea party

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying this year! We are swiftly approaching our April 10th cut off for orders of our current collection and custom sized styles. After that we’ll be launching our first in stock collection!!!!!!

We’re super excited for this evolution and we hope you’ll stick with us and be a part of our growth, as you have been for the last 10 years. We will be starting with a very small stock collection and expanding as sales and interest accommodate. It’s not a very speedy process to design for production rather than how we have been doing things, so please be patient with our wobbly first steps.

Our first collection will launch this spring with some familiar and some new designs in an expanded size range! We’re going to be fancy-ing up fabrics, editing designs, and working to make Gloomth the best it can be. 🙂

In the meantime, since you only have until APRIL 10TH to place an order for our current range here’s 20%  off anything on our website (orders over $75 only, not applicable to shipping costs, valid worldwide on as many orders as you like, cannot be applied to already placed orders- questions? email us!)

CODE: thankyou

THANK YOU for your support, encouragement, and friendship! We could not be taking this next step without you and I am beyond excited to evolve with you.


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Two Mini Photoshoot Parties Coming Up!

creepy medical gurololita halloween gloomth

We are so excited to announce we have 2 more Photoshoot Parties scheduled in the near future! These are a new take on our regular large scale parties and are a great option if you’d like to do a shoot with an elaborate set and props, and be personally styled and photographed by Gloomth’s designer/art-director Taeden Hall. 🙂

Each package includes a dress of your choice (made to measure) and basic makeup/hair, as well as a professional photoshoot in a themed set complete with unique props.

You’ll get 10+ photos from the day edited and ready to download in about 1-2 weeks after the day.

Full details on facebook!

We have 3 spots only for each day so sign up quick if you would like to attend!!!!!!


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New “Antique Trunk” Photoshoot!

gloomth antique trunk victorian grunge photoshoot vanessa walshWe’ll probably continue to be a little quiet on the photoshoot front until the new collection launches, but I couldn’t resist creating this eerie little series with Vanessa Walsh last week! 🙂

I emptied out my antique linen trunk and built this neat Victorian attic feeling set in my dining room. We had a lot of fun creating these photos!

gloomth antique trunk victorian grunge photoshoot vanessa walsh

Vanessa is wearing our “Valance” dress in black with vintage and handmade accessories. For her makeup I used warm toned browns and off-reds to create this soft faded dolly look.

gloomth antique trunk victorian grunge photoshoot vanessa walsh

As always there are a ton more photos on our flickr album!

You can check out Vanessa’s artwork on instagram also! Thanks again for modeling for me!!!!!


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Extending the Order Deadline!

weird tea party photo

We will be focused on shooting the new collection in March (if everything goes smoothly) and we just found out we have our current studio for just a little longer than we expected- so we’re extending the order deadline!!!!!!!!!!

Our current range and custom orders will be available until April 10th.

After that the styles on our site will disappear and the new collection will take their place! We won’t be offering custom sizing or custom designs for a little while afterwards, while I set up with a new atelier for that stuff- so if custom is your thing you need to place your order before April 9th.

I’ll probably be fairly quiet with shoots and things here til the new line launches since we’re just going a bit mad prepping for all of that. 🙂

Thank you!


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Gloomth on Fairchild TV!

gloomth models at fashion show fairchild tv toronto canada fashion

At the “Fruits Magazine the end” show Gloomth created a super fun window installation and we did a fashion show at the gallery with our models. During the event we were also filmed and I was briefly interviewed about what we do and there are some shots of the inside of our 10th anniversary book also for Fairchild TV!!!!!!!!

The episode aired this week and is now available online as well! 🙂

gloomth models at fashion show fairchild tv toronto canada fashion

Coverage of the event begins at 6 minutes 45 seconds into the video.

(Me looking like an exhausted overheated buttertroll- which yes, yes, I am)


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