Gloomth x Toronto Harajuku Style’s 3rd Year Anniversary Party

kawaii raver makeup with tears and glitter

This Saturday, August 4th 2018- Gloomth will be at the Toronto Harajuku Style’s Third Anniversary Party!!!!!!!!

We’ll be raffling off a gift certificate as well as showing some previews from our new collection, and selling coloring books etc! Come say hi!

Details and Tickets Available Here.


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Poll- Which Design Should Come Back First?

We’re getting closer to launching our first range of in-stock designs and we have loads more surprises to share also!

In the meantime help us decide which of these favorite Gloomth styles should come back to our catalogue first? Our “Clara” romper- shown here in wine red and cream, we would likely offer it in a different color combination (any suggestions?). OR Our “Alouette” dress- shown in black in the second photo but we’d likely bring it back in pink or deep red!

Fill out the quick poll below and help us choose please!

lolita romper playsuit cute

gothic victorian gloomth


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Victorian Grunge 2 Photoshoot!

victorian grunge gloomth toronto sandra von ruin

We took an awful lot of photos at our recent preview shoot for our Victorian Grunge collection! This is the second set of photos. Models included were CheshireCat, Sandra Von Ruin, Hexcelle, and Vanessa Walsh!

You can read about the inspiration and story behind the set design for this shoot in the previous post! This post is going to focus more on the model styling.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall model vanessa walsh

Most of the samples we were shooting were solid black so they popped awesomely against the dizzying colorful backdrop. For the makeup in this shoot I went with vibrant solid colors, messily applied and blended out for a soft-grungey feel. Big lashes (as always) and little touches of glitter. Childlike and playful, but still suitable to our line’s aesthetic and feel.

I also made tiny assemblage crosses to match the large ones I built for our 10th Anniversary party (which can be seen hanging in the background in some shots). These were made with hot glue filled with rhinestones, googly eyes, pompoms, and more.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

I filled the models’ hair with clips, lengths of plastic dollar store necklaces, and doll parts. And kept the styling simple and free, not too coiffed or sleek.

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

For the outfits themselves the models each wore various fishnet stockings, some tattered and ragged and some tidier. With lengths of plastic vintage beaded necklaces around their wrists, spiked collars, or just lengths of dayglow colored laces tied all over. I was inspired by Cecilia’s use of bracelets to hide her wounds in the “Virgin Suicides”.

We have so many more photos from this shoot on our flickr album!


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Victorian Grunge 1 Photoshoot!

victorian grunge fashion toronto gloomth altmodel

We have *SO* many photos from our preview shoot for our upcoming stock collection, and these aren’t even all the designs we’ll be offering! So we’re going to break the shoot into a few pieces to share on here so it won’t be too terribly overwhelming.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth gothic style

I got to flex my set-design skills building this elaborate environment! The inspiration behind it was the “accumulation of memory”, how we keep worthless objects that are tied to precious memories or moments in our lives. How over time we accumulate memories and ideas and it all simmers away inside our heads building who we are. The clutter of a life thoroughly lived.

Included in the set are childhood board games, vintage housewares, toys (of course), an heirloom quilt, photos of my ancestor’s tombstones, one of my grandmother’s diaries, and countless other objects that are knitted to my own memories- and moments in Gloomth’s history as well.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth vanessa walsh

Models- CheshireCat, Sandra Von Ruin, Hexcelle, and Vanessa Walsh wore some of our upcoming stock designs and fit in beautifully in the set! I’ll have a full break down of the makeup and accessories I created for this shoot in another post.

victorian grunge lolita fashion toronto canada gloomth gothic style hexcelle

We have a TON of photos from this half of the shoot on our flickr!  

The dresses shown will be available for pre-order shortly. 🙂

Thank you to my patient models for helping make this vision come to life!!!


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“Victorian Grunge” Playlist!

Image may contain: text

We are hard at work preparing things for our upcoming stock collection launch (along with tons more surprises)! In the meantime here’s a Spotify playlist to get you feeling the Victorian Grunge vibes as we preview some of the upcoming styles.

Listen Here!

Victorian Grunge- Messy bedrooms, cocktails in plastic cups, temporary tattoos, real heartache. A dizzying, girlish style- evoking memories of youth and historical eras, self-indulgent and vibrant.


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taeden extra eyeball doll makeup

We’ve been a little quiet on the blog (and most everywhere) while I line up the launch of our first in-stock collection. This process has been quite the experience, and I’m reluctant to say much until it’s all settled. I promise once it’s done to write a big post explaining all the waiting and such. I truly appreciate your patience and support while we make this huge and exciting change! The whole Gloomth team is on board ready to make this launch the best it can be.

If you follow us on instagram etc you probably saw some behind the scenes snaps from our recent big shoot! We had four models and an enormous over the top set! It was such a fun day and really reminded me why I love what I do.

We’ll be launching those photos soon, they feature four of the returning designs that will be offered in our first range of stock styles (there are more designs coming also). So we’ll share those as a preview for now. Once I have a confirmed arrival date for the stock we can begin accepting pre-orders!

Thank you for being a part of this exciting next step for Gloomth!


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Quick Sample Sale!

We’re throwing a little sample sale to clear out our studio of discontinued styles and to make room for all the new things arriving soon! 🙂 Grab a rare Gloomth design while you can! All of these items are ready to ship.

Prices do not include the $10 worldwide shipping. Prices listed in USD. 🙂

First to pay gets the item- no holds, please email to purchase! We accept paypal and email bank transfer from Canadian customers (prices will be converted to CAD).


“Medic” dress in dove grey. Exactly as shown (not including apron or accessories). Size small! Fits a bust of 34-36″, waist up to 28″. $60

Ringmaster Jacket– XL, bust up to 42″, waist up to 36-38″ (laces at front). $75 SOLD

lovely lor gloomth nurse dress

Hospital Over-Dress- The original sample exactly as shown. Corset laces at the front, swooping hem sits beautifully over dresses and petticoats. White and red. Size small/medium, is open at the front so quite adjustable. Bust 32-38″, waist 26-30″. $90.



retro halloween print plus size dress gloomth

Halloween Dress- Size Large, bust 36-39″, waist 30-32″. Just a larger size sample than we usually have around. $50

scary clown print dress by gloomth

Clowns Dress SLEEVELESS– This is an XL version of the dress above but without sleeves! Bust 40-42″, waist 31-34″ $50 SOLD


Doll Hospital Leggings– XL, waist 31-34″. Worn once. $30

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