Halloween Private Party Survey

victorian grunge fashion toronto designer taeden hall

Thank you for attending Gloomth’s Private Halloween Party! Please fill out the quick polls below to help us to tailor the event to your tastes! We’ll bring the items you request to see in person as well as specially selected accessories and coordinating items to complete your look.

If you have questions about the event please email: taeden@gloomth.com – See you there!



What style(s) do you most identify with or want to try wearing? This Party is a great chance to try our clothing with matching accessories and details, and we have two great stylists on duty throughout to help make your style come alive!


Which of our designs would you most like to see in person? We won’t be able to bring hundreds of items but we will bring the specifically requested styles and designs of any of our items we have in stock! You will also have first access to the full size range for the red version of our “October”dress, the dark grey version of our “Victoria”, and the mint/red and pink/white versions of our “Nurse” outfits!