Gothic Dollhouse Photoshoot

A couple of weeks ago I did a day long marathon of shoots at my favorite museum! I had 3 different models that day and did three quite different sets. Each one really has it’s own vibe, despite similar backdrops and environments.

The first set is with model Fine Lines- who’s one of the o.g. Gloomth Girls as we’ve been shooting together for well over a decade. The vibe for these photos is sort of a Gothic Dollhouse.

There are 3 outfits in this shoot and you can see all the photos from this set on flickr!

You can see our upcoming spiked dress and blouse in the photos (it’ll be available later on in 2023).

Shop these looks on our site!

Fine Lines on instagram!


One thought on “Gothic Dollhouse Photoshoot

  1. So fun Taeden! What museum is it? I’ve been trying to photograph in Museums here in Cape Breton. They are hard to infiltrate (in a good way). Cape Breton business like to ignore emails. What’s a girl to do???

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