New Petticoats!

We finally have our own petticoat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and none of the options I could find to purchase them wholesale were the right shape and many weren’t available in sizes above an XL. So I designed our own and it’s 100% exclusive to Gloomth and perfectly suited to all of our designs.

This is a light petticoat, meant more for every day use- it’s not extremely poufy. It’s a soft bell shape lined in cotton poplin so it’s not heavy or too hot to wear all day. The waist band is elastic and also has a drawstring for a custom fit. There’s also a velcro closure that allows you to comfortably put this petticoat on without having to squeeeeeze your hips through the waistband (and if your bum is larger than the maximum stretch for the waist band you can still comfortably put this petti’ on).

We have 3 sizes- smaller, middle, and larger. The largest fits a waist of close to 50″!

Shop this petticoat on our site!


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