I am so beyond lucky to get to work with so many amazing folks to create my little world. Our little world. THANK YOU! Models: @Azura Rose @Paige @Dolly Monroe @Lucy Lovesick @voyeurism.s @Em @kitsunetsuki @Lovely Lor @lucylynx @DollyMomoiro (I’m sure I’m forgetting someone I’m sorry!!) ❤️❤️❤️

♬ K!NG – Raue
2022 has been quite the year. I managed to pack in a lot of photoshoots and design work earlier in the year. Unfortunately in August my father had a serious stroke. He’s still in the hospital now and so it’s been a lot trickier balancing everything with trying to help my mom out (I live a several hours drive from my parents). I still managed to make some art this fall and create some shoots I am truly proud of, but my schedule for shoots is pretty limited with counting in times of reduced exposure so I don’t get my parents sick during my visits.

Whenever life feels turbulent or scary I turn to making art. Even if what you produce during times of grief or uncertainty isn’t your Ultimate Best Work- it’s still getting the feelings out of you and alchemized into something else.

When I quickly threw the above tiktok together it was really reassuring to see how many shoots and people I did manage to work with this year. Real progress was made and Gloomth is growing like a happy (spikey) little weed. I am so beyond grateful for everyone who models for me and for anyone sharing, liking, or following my work- as an artist it means the absolute world to me that what I create resonates with others. THANK YOU for being a part of my 2022 and I can’t wait to see what 2023 brings us!

Next year I hope to create more new styles for the site, coordinate Photoshoot Parties again, and play around with using a set design for multiple shoots in a day some more.

I’m going to be on “holiday” from Dec. 24th to Jan. 2nd so I likely won’t mail any orders during that time. I’ll do my best to answer emails and messages as quickly as I can during that time. 🙂


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