Pink Balloons Photoshoot 1

A couple of weeks ago I decided to challenge myself and build a simple set in my studio and then shoot three separate series with three models on the same day! Rather than a group shoot (I’m still very covid cautious because I have a parent in hospital) this meant I maximized the use of the set and got three sets of unique photos!!! It made for a verrrrry busy day but the resulting shoots are very cute I think. 🙂

The first is this girly series with Fine Lines! She wore our “Strawberry Milk”, “Cornflower”, and “Veronica” dresses! All of which are in stock on my site right now.

We also goofed around with some silly cat-themed accessories I had from a Halloween costume a few years back. I know cat ears/mittens aren’t “lolita” but I assure you I don’t have a lot of fucks left for what is-isn’t lolita I don’t take shit that seriously. 😉

You can see the entire album on my flickr!

Shop this shoot!

Fine Lines on instagram!


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