New “Pink Magic” Photoshoot!

Last week I got to shoot this fun Magical Girl inspired photoshoot with Maddyvstheinternet! I had purchased this ridiculous hot pink bubble-gun a few weeks ago with the intention of shooting something super colorful and anime-feeling!

Maddyvstheinternet wore our “Syrup” jsk (without a blouse layered under, sorry it was too hot) and a ton of pink hair accessories to create this super cute Magical Girl look! The bubbles were surprisingly difficult to shoot with, the gun runs out of “ammo” pretty quickly and the wind would whip them out of the frame more often than not. I am definitely excited about how they look in the photos so you can expect to see more shimmering bubbles in future shoots!

You can see the entire album of photos on our flickr!

Maddyvstheinternet on instagram!

Shop this outfit on our site!


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