New Space Alien Photoshoot!

Last week I got to shoot some really fun cyberpunk-esque photos with the amazing Dolly Momoiro! We shot in See-Scape in Toronto, which is a scifi themed bar and venue in the west end. The resulting photos are super different than what I usually shoot but I really like them! It was definitely a challenge shooting inside some of the amazing decorated booths, I was very much contorting myself on the floor to get fun angles and capture lots of the fun backdrops.

Dolly wore a few of our designs including our “Licorice” dress and “Doll Cheeks” jsk!

Exploring cyber themes in my styling and shoots right now is a lot of fun, it’s not a subculture I keep in mind when designing but I am enjoying how my styles work accessorized towards it.

You can see the entire photoshoot on our flickr!
Dolly Momoiro on instagram!

Shop these outfits on our website!


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