Halloween Ideas- Ghostly Bride

Over the next few weeks I’ll post some of my favorite spooky themed shoots from the past with ideas on how to make a version of the outfits for your own Halloween look! Today’s theme is Ghostly Bride (or Corpse Bride, Haunted Wedding, etc).

For creating your own haunted bride outfit you can often find elaborate wedding veils at thrift shops this time of year or make your own out of a length of white craft tulle and a headband! Don’t be afraid to add lots of accessories to the crown of the veil- skeletons, flowers, eyeballs- raid the Halloween aisle! Depending on whether your bridal creation is gothic, ghost, or zombie you can color coordinate your accessories to that vibe. I love the sparkly silver skeleton paired with shimmering makeup, or gothic makeup with a dark dress to amp up the contrast. If you can’t find a vintage wedding dress in your size at the thrift store layer lace items or tatter and rip up any white dress, you can also tea stain cottons in your bathtub for a more antique feel. There’s no single way to create this costume- make it your own! 🙂

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