New Pink Photoshoot!

lolita photographer toronto taeden hall

Valentine’s Day feels like a cash grab more than an actual “holiday” but it’s retro over-the-top aesthetic is one I love exploring in our shoots! For this week’s shoot Paige Marina and I created some verrrrry pink photos! We incorporated a whole bunch of Gloomth designs including our new print skirts.

kawaii girl in a pink room

Our “Cherubs and Crosses” print skirt is the perfect year round Valentine look, it’s filled with Victorian angels and floral memorial crosses.

peach pink lolita dress

I especially love how our “Sugar Nurse” dress coordinates with other shades of pink! Peach, magenta, baby pink, etc.

For the headdress I pinned a whole bunch of shimmering present wrapping bows in varying shades of pink like a corona atop her head. I filled it out with a pink feather clip, pink pom-pom, and a sequin bow.

kawaii designer gloomth

You can check out the rest of this shoot on flickr!

Shop these looks here!

Paige Marina on instagram!


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